Thursday, 4 September 2008

I'm back....Jeff's Op was a success

Hello everyone, I am back and Jeff's operation was a success. Can I tell you that I am so happy to be home in my own house around my own things and sleeping in my own bed! We had a great time away in Bris considering we had all the hospital stuff to deal with. Lots to tell so please go make yourself a cuppa and come and sit and relax for a while. This is a marathon blog! Sorry it is so long, but lots happened while I was away.

CALOUNDRA, KINGS BEACH Aug 12th -18th Spent time hanging out with our friends, and their lil grandson Jake. We checked out the shops, the beaches and took some beautiful photos.

The boys went to Dreamworld and I met up with 3 of the CC's and beautiful Izzy. We had a day of scrapbook shopping, photos, lunch and more photos and pouring over my albums that I had brought for show and tell and yes more photos. Sorry Shezzy, you will thank me one day when you are old and grey and say I remember when Shazzy came to Bris/Gold Coast and we went scrapbook shopping.

Had such a wonderful day until the phone rang and it was the hospital!! Tears were flowing then, Jeff had to have more blood tests something was wrong with him, he wouldn't have the operation if he didn't get these tests done! The boys were at Dreamworld somewhere and we couldn't contact them, we had to drop Shezzy & Rach and Izzy back to Lisa's to pick up her kids from school and then we had to try and find a pathology lab that would do the test for Jeff and then we just had to find the boys! Finally we got hold of them.....Off to pathology, 3 of us holding Jeff down to get blood tests! He has a total fear of needles! Then ok calm down now, everything is going to be alright!
The tests are done it is in the hands of the pathology gods. We headed back to Lisa's, Shane arrived home with Teleah and then we sat down to a strong cup of coffee, would have been something much stronger if I didn't have to drive back to the Sunshine Coast.

We stayed at Lisa's until about 6pm and thought well we should have missed most of the traffic snarls around that Gateway Bridge(can't wait for it to be doubled) but we didn't! Traffic was almost to a stand still, it took us 35min to drive 9klm. What should have only taken us 2 hrs to get back to the SC took us almost 3hrs. Bloody traffic, I am so glad I live in the bush! Sat morning I looked at all the bits and pieces that I had brought on Fri, OMG I spent up big!

Sun we got a phonecall from the hospital, whatever was wrong with his first lot of bloods wasn't wrong with the new ones so he would be able to have his operation. OMG what a relief! Left Caloundra early Mon morning and headed into the hospital. Booked into Reg Leonard house, then straight up to the hospital for Jeff's app with the Speech Therapist! Baz I went for coffee to the Coffee Club across the road! I love that place!

The day started out with NO HOT WATER! Off we go to Admissions, Poor Jeff had to stay there all by himself waiting for the operation time we were not allowed to wait with him. Jeff was to be operated on at 2pm. He was actually operated on at 12.45 and he was back in ICU by 5.30pm. The operation was over! Thank God! Thanks to all those of you who sent prayers and well wishes to all of us during Jeff's stay in hospital. We saw Jeff for the first time since his op at 6pm and OMG it was such a difference. I couldn't believe that they had changed his face that much by briging his upper jaw forward by 10mm. I grabbed hold of his hand and told him that we were there and asked him how he felt and he said "I feel like shit and I want to go home". I was so glad that he still had his sense of humour. He looked so good, considering he had just been operated on. He only stayed in ICU until midday the next day and then he was back in the ward! Everyday Jeff was eating more and finally they took the drip off of him and then after 5 days he was allowed to come back to the units where we were staying until the following Fri. He got out of hospital and said to me" so what are we doing today?" I said "you are resting that is what you are doing". He was so full of beans, I couldn't beleive that he had just had surgery. He was and still is very swollen!


We had lunch with Shezzy on Fri at Southbank which was lovely! She got the job with Work Cover too!
While Jeff was still in hospital Baz & I were so bored we decided to go for a drive to find Photo Continental on Sat afternoon. We got there at 2.10pm and it closes at 2pm! Bugger! So then I decided to see if we could find where Shezzy lived, found it called her up and she was home so we popped in for a cuppa and a chat.

It was so nice to see Nicola and catch up on what was going on in her life. How life in the busy Bris was treating her and her family. We had a cuppa at the coffee club and then she came back to Reg Leonard House(RLH) to see the photos of Jeff. She took me to a scrapbook shop and the lady there was rude! I was really pissed off at her! "If all you are going to spend is 10cents I won't be impressed, everything you ask for I don't have I am sure you are looking around the shop and just asking for the things that we don't have" Never going to that shop ever again. Then Nic took us home to her house to show us around. Got to see her dd who is 16 which I probably haven't seen for 8yrs! Nic's a beautiful friend, one that is always there for you! Luv ya Nic! Drove back through that mad Bris traffic!

Me and the boys went to Garden City so I could meet up with the Rach. The boys went to see the Dark Knight while us girls went to Photo Continental to check it out! That place is Scrapbookers Heaven! It was very expensive though! We then had lunch at Coffee Club, gotta love that place! Then I went back to Garden City and cruised until the boys had finished their movie.

I drove to Shezzy's again all by myself this time. Lots of traffic accidents and incidents and more chaos. Then we went to Rach's house and met up with her and Lisa. Off in the cars and the traffic again....but we had nice places to go to and spend lots of money in! I think we did 5 scrapbooking shops that day. Back to Shezzy's. Got lots of nice lil bits and pieces can't wait to use them now! The boys went to the Imax theatre and watched Hell Boy 2! I got back to the RLH just on dark with a few more minor traffics accidents that were being cleared away. Bris drivers are just mad!

Off to see all the Dr's to find out if we can go home, home to Rocky or really home to Collinsville. The Dr's don't want to see Jeff for 6 months and the Ortho wants Jeff to continue his treatment in Rocky, so back there in 2 months time! He will get the plate removed and hopefully he will be back to eating normal foods again sometime really soon instead of slop! YAY we can go home to Collinsville. So it is back to Rocky on Sat Aug 30 and then home to Collinsville on Sep 1 to surprise Kirrily who has been home alone this whole time. So glad that she is capable and responsible!

YAY HOME TO COLLINSVILLE Sept 1 I get to sleep in my own bed and wake up in my own surroudings. This is so nice. Still trying to get over our big month! But life is starting to get back to normal and Jeff is still feeling like a truck has hit him but the swelling is really going down and he is loving his new looks. Check out the photos. I will include some of the scrapping LO's I did while I was away too.

OMG I am finally finished telling you everything that happened! I think??? Maybe I missed a few things but nothing too much of importance.
Thanks for reading and listening to my novel! Luv Shaz

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  1. WOW Jeff looks fantastic!!!!

    I sat with a cuppa and read ya beautifully written novel, shedding a few tears along with it, thank you for the catchup! So glad everything has gone so well
    Luv Nat xx


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