Monday, 12 January 2009

Daniek's Album...A work in progress

Here is Daniek's Album....all though not yet complete! Sorry bout the quality of the photos but I was running out of time when she was leaving and I thought that I would just take photos of the pages with the page protectors on or the light was bad when I took the photo...hence the flash spot! Hope you enjoy looking at this album that has been a work of heart for me. Daniek did all of the pages for the AFS camps and the Sydney/Dubbo/Mudgee trip.
Happy Viewing Luv Shaz xoxo

PS....Hey Shezzy & Lisa K have a guess who is now living in town? I will take a photo of her and her baby the next time I see them. I couldn't believe my eyes today when I saw her outside work!!! I am like OMG! OMG!
What are you doing here??? Will fill you in when I know all the details!!!


  1. Hi Shaz!!!! Thank you so so so much for your lovely comment on my blog!! You're such a sweetie!!! I'm so happy that I've found your blog this way too! The album that you're creating for Daniek is awesome!! WOW.. such an amazing gift will that be for her.. to look back at her time with you guys!! How funny that she's from Holland as well! I live about 1 hour away from Nijmegen.. (oh well.. I'm about 1 hour from everything since our country is so small.. hahaha) I'll definitely come back soon to see your creations!! Have a great week! XOXO Nancy

  2. Hi Shaz!! The slide show is fabulous and I love all your creations you have done for Daniek, it is truely such a heartfelt and special gift!!Keep up the stunning work my friend! XXX Kirsten

  3. wow this is lovely!!! You are truly talented Shaz


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