Friday, 30 January 2009

Kirrily got the job at the Chemist

Good Morning Girls.
Got some great news I want to share with you all! As you can see by the title of this post my DD got the job at the chemist here in town. The circumstances around her getting the position are a lil bit strange but anyways she is now the successful applicant. Here is some of the background....ready for the marathon post you are about to read.

Kirrily had wanted a job in the chemist for as long as she has been working at IGA almost 3 yrs. But there was never any positions vacant, so she kept plodding along at IGA and working her Thiess traineeship while she was still at school. But since school finishing on Nov 21 last year and her traineeship was completed, she had only been working at IGA. She has been trying to decide what she wanted to do with herself now that she had to go out in the big world of adulthood! She has been offered work in Bris in the hospitality industry and she was thinking of staying here with us saving all the money she could and then moving to Bris. But she didn't know if she would cope in Bris as she has only ever lived in small towns. And she would have missed her mummy and daddy way to much.

Well finally a job came up at the chemist and all the girls in there asked her to apply for it! But she was like I don't think I will apply because I may not stay in town for very long and she didn't want to start a new job and then leave and then the chemist people would be left in limbo again. So after much poking and prodding she decided she was going to apply. Well she got the interview and it was between her and this other girl! Now we were all telling her that she would shit it in and that they wouldn't give it to this other girl because she had never worked anywhere else before. Well weren't we all totally wrong! The other girl got the job!!! Shock horror to us all, Kirrily was absolutely distraught!
She rang me from down town when she went into the chemist to buy a present that she hadn't got the job. She was so upset! So she came home and in anger said I knew I should never had applied for that job!!! I said No! it was good experience for her to have an interview and then she settled down a bit and decided that she was definately going to leave in a couple of months when she had saved enough money!

In between all of this Kirrily's BF Rhys was leaving to go live in WA with his
real dad and stepmum!!! So they were spending every last moment together.
On Tues the new girl started at the chemist and Kirrily went back to work at IGA. Kirrily was still very upset seeing the new girl in the chemist but decided oh well I am going to leave soon anyways.

But yesterday morning after Baz & I had left for a car service in Proserpine she got a phone call from one of the bosses at the chemist offering Kirrily the position now!!! The girl who got the job decided after 2 days she didn't like the job!!!
Kirrily was like OMG what will I do...she rung us all distraught again. So we told her that she had all day to think about it before giving the chemist an answer today. We (Baz & I) are like telling her that we think she should take the job as jobs don't just get handed out on a silver platter like this one and that she has us to live off of and she can save all of her money instead of having to pay rent, transport costs, electricity and cost of living if she was living away from home.

So once we got home she had just spent the last almost hour on the phone to one of my very good friends who was telling her why she should take the job. She was still undecided then we started telling her why we think she should take the job and then she was on facebook talking to her friends and they are all telling her that she should take the job too. Finally I got her to ring her current boss and the new boss and just talk to them about her thoughts and worries. Well finally she decided to take the job, she is still a bit like OMG what have I done???? Have I made the right decision because she is worried that she may not like it either and she really wants to leave. So now today is her last day at IGA and she starts her new job on Monday at the chemist. She will have lots of studying to do for the dispensing of over the counter medicines. But a change is as good as a holiday so lets hope this is great for Kirrily. I am so proud of her for making the decision to try something new. It will open another doorway to work whenever she does decide to leave town

Oh well I have made all of your eyes go blurry from all of that reading so I guess I had better sign off now and get ready for work again for me today. I have been working for the past 11 days. So my pay packet next week will be wonderful! Bye for now and Thanks Girls for all of your beautiful heartfelt comments on my fame and about my RAK. I have had a unbelievable response to it and I will share with you tomorrow what is up for grabs. Got 9 peoples addresses and birthdates so you had all better email me so I can celebrate your birthdays with you and you can be in the draw for the RAK. Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Wow that's a brilliant post Shaz (I did go make a coffee first though....LOL).

    Sounds to me like Kirrily was meant to have that job! I am sure she has made the right choice. Good luck in your first day Kirrily and

  2. That was along story but a good one. Im so happy for Kirrily. It is true, sometimes we receive blessing way different from what we planned or expect but all of those blessings comes for a reason. Either to teach us, give us more experience, undergo so trial or whatever it may be. Bootom line, whatever blessing or circumstance we face, this will make us a better person so its Im happy she embraced this another chapter of her life.

    Praying for her.

  3. LOL that was alomost a story haha.. I enjoyed reading it tho and i think Kirily is making a good choice in taking the job and trying it out. It might not be what she expects but it is definatly worth a try. Good luck to her hun xx

  4. Hey Shaz!

    Congratulations to Kirrily though and tell her Im proud of her too:):) a very rewarding job pharmacy work, as It was my first job out of school too and I enjoyed every moment of it!!

    Looking forward to catching up hun as this week has flown by again and I still havent had the chance to ring you, hopefully over the weekend hey!

    Take care and talk soon. Mwah & Hugs Angie xox

  5. That is great news :-)

    Congratulations Kirrily :-)

    I'm sure you will love it and it will all work out for you

  6. Oh How wonderful..seems the job was meant to be afterall..Goodluck Kirrily,it will be a really good job opportunity for you..who knows you may even want to study chemistry a bit later on or business management..The prospects are endless just enjoy what you have for now!Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations to your daughter Shaz, sometimes the hardest decisions turn out to be the best ones. She has now added another string to her bow (so to speak) which is always a good thing. Hope she enjoys her new job

  8. I think its best if you have Kirrily read this messages from us, your followers so that she will know that we support her.


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