Sunday, 18 January 2009

OMG...Gayatri gets inspired by my work, what an HONOUR it is to get the Kreativ Blogger award from her!

OMG I am so honoured Gayatri.. You blew me away when you said that "I get inspired by your work" in your latest comment on 'I am so happy, My Scrappin Mojo is still here' post. I am the one who is inspired by you. I remember the very first challenge LO that we did together way back in March of last year. Your 'Scrappin Style' has grown so much since the beginning!! You so deserve to be receiving all of these Blog awards, your LO's are gorgeous! I love the brightness of your LO's and there is always so much to look at! And I love your step by steps that you include when you put up a LO! And I love the photos of your beautiful family.This is the first challenge I sent to you did this LO your Beautiful Aditi in 'Priceless'
And this is what I did with my kit
And this is the first one that you ever sent to me. As soon as I received the pp's I knew that I had to do Paronella Park-Innisfail Nth Qld photos.
And this is what you did with your kit.
Once again Gayatri Thank you and I am truly grateful that you think so highly of my blog!!! Anyways I am supposed to be handing on this Kreativ Blogger award to 5 deserving blogs

Here are the rules for the award:
*The Winner gets to put the logo on their blog
*Put a link to the person who sent you the award
*Nominate 5 blogs for the award

Elle - Elle on Earth
Lexie - Stuff and Things
Tasha - Tasha's Ramblins
Angie's - My Passion for Photography
Gypsy - Gypsy's World

All of these blogs have their own special reason for me picking them, Yes some of them I know quite well and others I am only just getting to know. But each of them has a uniqueness and they are passionate about their blogs. So girls please enjoy this award and pass it on to others who inspire you please.

I am off now....I didn't get any scrapping done today unfortunately but I got a lot of blog hopping and forum viewing done. Got a photo swap to do for Michelle over at Scrapchat
.What a lovely bunch of girls they all are, Thanks Tanyah for inviting me over to their before they closed the membership. This is where I met the lovely Gypsy.

Have a great week, don't think I will get too much scrappin done this week as I work Mon & Tues and then on Wed-Fri I am off to my home town to check on our lil old house. And on Sat I am supposed to be goingto my girlfriends surprise 50th Birthday party along with her 18yr old & 21 yr old.


  1. Sharon, Wow! I am in cloud 9. Everything is blurry for!!

    Yes, I do remember our swaps. Oh! that was real fun.I loved the kits we send each other.Wait to see what the others in the group come up with. lol!!

    Sharon, I loved how you made the Christmas title in Tan's blog, your scalloped design on Angie's sketch LO is fantastic. I wish I can do that. I loved Kirily's hand thingy (sorry I do not know what it is called!!)I wanted to create something like that. Many of my layered flowers in my layouts, I start with that in my mind. There are many things in your blog that inspire me.
    Love to read your blog. Wish I had more time...!!
    Thanks for putting up our old layouts. So happy to see them.
    Thanks Sharon. Will be in touch often.

  2. Your LO a freak'n awsome. Wow Oh Wow!!!
    Your blog is so cool, when things settle down a bit more at home expect a PM with my number, I want to jazz mine up a bit. You are the Blog Queen.

    By the way thanks for leaving me a comment in my blogs.

  3. Love your posts Sharon. You always have a fun story to tell and your work rocks!
    PS. I have a small present for you on my blog!

  4. your layouts and blog is looking fantastic.....

    No worries about inviting you to scrapchat, it is awesome place to be!....


  5. Awwww! Thanks Shaz!!!!

    I will display my award with Pride on my photography section of my blog, thankyou for always leaving your heartfelt words and appreciation:) Mwah & Hugs Angie

  6. Beautiful layouts glad you've found you're way back darl..Have been really missing you honey!

  7. I really want to thank you girls for reading and enjoying what I blab on about in my blog, and all the comments they just make my day. Off to do some blog hopping now catch you around some where. Luv Shaz xoxo

  8. love the Paronella park layout shaz


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