Sunday, 19 April 2009

A Happy/Sad Day...A very long post with lots of photos

Hello my lovelies!!! Here's hoping the Easter holidays have been very kind to you and that you are now all having a wonderful weekend!

Friday & Yesterday were what you call Happy/Sad days!!! I had a visit from my Best Friend Treena who should have been my sister in law! Treena & her partner Jeff came to visit us all on their way home to WA!!! They live between Broome and Derby...they have just been on holidays for the past 10 weeks, visiting Perth, South Aust, driving through NSW and over to Bileola QLD. And now they are driving out of QLD, into the Katherine NT and back home to WA!! Got to see some lovely parts of Australia!

Treena is who I went to visit in Rocky the weekend that some D...head smashed his ute into our house!!! But enough said in that department! Well anyway getting back to my Happy/Sad story....I was so happy to see Treena & Jeff arrive late Friday afternoon. We had decided to go out for dinner at the local pub, it was just so nice to sit and chat to them over dinner....trying to catch up on almost 5 yrs of not seeing them both! The last time they were here was when Kirrily was about to graduate from Yr 7!

Me & My Bestie who should have been my sister in law! So happy that we are still very, very Best Friends!
Then yesterday they were leaving early but we were having way too much fun catching up! They said goodbye to Kirrily and gave her, her18th bday present 3 months early!!! Oh Kirrily was so excited about that!!! Just what she had wanted since seeing Amy's red one when we were in Rocky!Then Kirrily went to work thinking that Treena & Jeff would be left by the time she came home....But they took the dogs to 3 Mile for a run, Treena & I took heaps of photos of random things...We both got some great dragonfly photos...will share them - The Focus Is On You
Then we came home and had breakfast at 10am and then we got on the computer to upload our photos and then we started browsing the web and next minute you know it was almost midday....had to go to town to pick K up from work. Treena came with me and I dropped her at the newsagent and then picked up K and didn't tell her that Treena was still here....As we were driving up the street.....K was like OMG that is Treena ..."what what is she still doing here????" Then when Treena got in the car K was like "why are you still here are you staying another night???" Then we told her what we had been doing!!! So then when we got home we sat around talking for ages again!!! Treena & Jeff were only heading to Tville last night so they are in no hurry! We had lunch and then they decided that they really should leave. Boo Hoo I got really Sad then! I even cried later when she sent me a text to say that she was in Townsville and that she wished she could have stayed longer!!! I wish she could have stayed longer too!!! I am so Sad that they live so far away!

Well another week has passed and we are still sleeping on the lounge room floor! But I did get a phone call on Friday saying that someone is finally coming to look at our house on Tues!!! But that means he will have to do his quote, send it to the Insurance company, then they decide who is going to get the job to repair our bedroom! Not looking promising....This makes me Sad too! Hopefully it will be fixed before Winter sets in! Sorry I am complaining again!

Well I hope I haven't bored you all too much with my photos and stories!!! Looking forward to the rest of the day....Just did a lil treasure hunt for one of the games over at the cybercrop at Deb's. Have a great day Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Hey Shaz, im so happy u have such a good friend, i wish she lived closer to you and u saw her more often, 5 years is a very long time!!!! Photos look awesome! looks like u had heaps of fun over the weekend :) And i hope u get ur bed back soon too!!!! Dont be sad...or u will make me sad... Be happy and have fun doing some more amazing work, so i can see it!!! :D

  2. ps- your slideshow is gorgeous xxx

  3. Thanks Rach....Yeh she is a beautiful friend and I am lucky to have her in my life still. I wished I lived closer to you too, but now I wished we spent more time together when you were in Collinsville, Sorry we didn't! Thanks for the comments about the slideshow Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. Awww! You know how I get with stories like that Shaz. You are so lucky to have a wonderful friend like that. Pictures look fabulous hun and sorry to hear about the house reno's. Will catch up with you shortly now I have computer back we should go MSN and webcam, been too long between a good laugh hey!

    Mwah & Hugs Angie xox

  5. I'm so glad that Treena's text was the reason you cried 'cos I was really worried something absolutely terrible had happened but I didn't want to ask. Thanks for dinner that night too. You really did have a huge day! The photos were really good too and that one of the darkened creek caught my eye as one that would make a good painting.

  6. I can see that you had the most amazing day with those photos. Its always fun to see your friends after such a long time

    Take care always

  7. You are so blessed to have a lot of real friends.Treena is so sweet.ANd I can relate on your stories about her.I have a best friend too and she is the sister of my exbf.Love love to see pics of your happy family!


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