Wednesday, 20 May 2009

After Much Confusion....We have a winner!

Good Morning My lovelies....It is off to work for me again this morning! I love having to go to work!!! Today is my 2nd day at the local catholic school as a teacher's aide! It is so much fun yesterday, but such a bludge with only 8 lil ones in the Prep rooms! The kids are all like "we know you from kindy", most of the kids came through kindy while I was out there volunteering over the past 2 yrs!
I was so tired after my day at work and then I had Scrapbooking classes last night that I came home at 9 pm and just crashed into bed not long after!!!

The counter started off at 5289 yesterday morning when I sent off 2 emails to my darlin friend Lexie, the first number that I sent to her was only a few away from that number, but then I thought maybe I might get a few more comments than what I had first thought so I sent her another email with another number. So off to work I went and most of the day I was like I wonder what number the counter was up to by then....So when I finally came home at 2.30pm and found that you all had try to guess what number you thought I picked!!!! I was NOOOOOOO, that is not what I wanted them to do....So I confused all of you with my instructions!!!! Sorry......what I wanted you to do was each time you visit and left me a comment you had to put the actual counter number beside your name!!! LOL LOL he he ha ha!!!

So after much discussion with Rach via MSN I decided I needed to email Lexie a new number and send those of you who I had email addys, an explanation email and then ask you to all come over again please! Which you did!!! And I thank you for that!!! I had an enormous response from one a lady in particular!!! But unfortunately she was not the winner! I think I ended up with 75 comments this morning!!! Thank you Lady Grace for your dedication in posting all those counter numbers, while I was zonked out in bed. Girls this morning I woke to 68 emails in my inbox!!! I was like what the??

After much confusion yesterday about what I actually wanted everyone to do when they visited my blog we finally have a winner!
And that lucky lady was Mandy!!! Congratulations Mandy, you will have to email me you address so that I can send you out your prize....which I still haven't even worked out yet!!! Sorry! Believe me it will be a good prize!!!
My email addy is

Girls you can check Lexie's blog for all the number details....Lexie is always putting in a plug for my blog with this month's Birthday celebrations!!! Love Ya Lexie!!! Mwah & Hugs to you xoxo

So girls today I want you all to go blog hopping so that you can find all the Answers to my 10 Questions, will check back in here before I go to work at 8.00am! Have a great day whatever your plans are today and Thank you so very much for playing along again!!! Not long now only 2 days until it's my Blog's Birthday!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Hope you all had fun playing along with Sharon yesterday I know I had fun even though I wasn't playing Congratz to Mandy 5359 was your lucky number I know Sharon will have an awesome prize for you as she is a very generous lady

  2. Morning Shaz!!! HAHAH No worries about the comments thingie I love playing along with your games. And that gave me more entry for your monthly draw anyway LOL

    Congratulations mandy!

    Hope you were able to rest well Shaz! Enjoy the rest of your day today


  3. yah me..i am so excited...i love your comps shaz...and love how you take the time to visit everyone elses are a champion...But...yah me!!!thankyou soo much...will send my addy right now...hee hee hee..i am so crook this is awesome news....take

  4. Congrats Mandy. There were certainly a lot of posts. Hope this win made you feel a little bit better.


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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