Sunday, 24 May 2009

I am so forgetful....I am so sorry!! I forgot to announce the Birthday Post Winner

Good Morning my lovelies....I want to apologise to you all I have been a bit forgetful of late....must be early old timers disease!!! Sorry I forgot to announce who the winner of Birthday Post suck up was!!! The person I have picked is someone who I am only just beginning to form an online friendship with and the thing I loved about her comment was that she kept coming back because of 'me', this is what she wrote.....So Thank you very much Mandy!
Oh...Do love this new the heck do you do it!!!???
Anyhows...why do I keep coming back to your blog...well...mine is not long and gooey, so I won't win, but its true!!!...the reason why I visit the blogs I do is all the same.....


Thats why....Simple easy...
You'll have to email me one day when you have time how you make your blog all am hopeless at stuff...thanks again for stopping by my precious miracles blog...I am going to put the next part of my story up tonight....
Take care,Happy birthday Blogxxx
Girls I told Mandy late yesterday afternoon and she told me that she doesn't want the prize but it is too late as she is the winner that I have announced!!!
I want to tell you all why you mean so much to here goes, might be best to boil the jug and make yourself a cuppa as this is a long post!!! Love you all and without you all I would not be here blogging! You are my reason to share my stories and my scrapbooking!

Lexie.... You are a beautiful friend to me and I love you, wish you just lived around the corner so we could catch up for a cuppa!!! Lexie and I were only friends for a very short while before I received the best birthday present anyone gave me for my 40th. Lexie sent me this wonderful LO that she did as a surprise to me, I didn't even know that she had copied the photos from my blog!
Lexie is always sending me and others surprises. That is just the kind of person she is! And just the other day she did this beautiful tribute to our friendship, check this post out at her blog. She made me so emotional. Thank you so very much my beautiful friend! I love you lots and lots and can't wait to chat to you today! You have to come to the Retreat in Rocky to meet all of us girls!!!
Amanda..... We are only just getting to know each other through the blogs and thank you for your kind words about me be a lovely person! Well I do try to be nice as there is so many not so nice people in our worlds today!!! Hoping to get to know you a whole lot better over time.
Lady Grace...... You are always here to encourage me to keep up my scrapping and are almost always first to comment and we are developing a beautiful friendship through our blogs...I would love to meet you if you move to Australia too and if you visit too!
Lisa..... I love entertaining all of you girls and giving you something else to do instead of housework and cleaning. Thanks for always encouraging me with my scrapbooking and I am so glad that I have met you and I can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks!!! Brisbane & the Gold Coast here I come.....And the Scrapbook Convention!
Mandy..... Our friendship is only just beginning but I know that you and I seem to have a lot in common and that we love to talk and write about our lives. Thank you for sharing your twin's birth stories with us all! I really should start to do some of Jeff's operation photos and tell a few of the stories of our life with a child with an operable condition. And Girl you are the lucky winner of that small gift from me!
Elle.... Thanks for your kind words too about following my blog....Everybody if you don't know Elle she is studying to be a DR!!! Woo Hoo Congrats to you darlin! One day I may see you in the hospital wards looking after my son during another operation. Hope the exam went well the other day and you are enjoying your weekend in Melbourne. Would love to catch up with you while I am in Bris/Gold Coast but can't give you any times as yet. Are you going to Scrapbook Convention? Might catch you me if you are going and leave me your mob no and will try and arrange something!
Tessah.... Has just become my friend this year and we are always visiting each others blogs. Tessah has a few blogs but I am linking you to her scrapbooking blog girls, she is such a talented scrapper and you always have something heartfelt to say when you leave me comments....Thank you for all the wonderful things you said about why you visit my blog!!!
Rach..... You too are such a beautiful person and I am so glad that I have met you and Izzy in real life. From our very first chat via the Challenge Chic's we just hit it off and your scrapbooking style has always been so heartfelt and you are so talented!!! Then I got to meet you in person and I knew that you were that same lovely young lady that I met online. I am so fortunate to have seen you a number of times and I am so excited about coming to stay with you in less than 2 weeks! Can't wait to hang out with you darlin!!! And go to the Scrapbook Convention with Lisa and maybe even some of the ScrapChat girls!
Sheri....You may only be young my darlin but you are a very special friend to me! We have so much fun chatting online and your scrapbooking style is an inspiration to me....this older lady who talks to you online and loves your style! Girls Sheri has been published in all of these Scrapbooking Memories Issues.
Vol 10 No3 pg 112, Vol 10 No6 pg 95, Vol 10 No 11 pg 109 and the most recent issueVol 11 No3 pg 105!!! This young lady is super talented wouldn't you all agree girls and her Mum is Sue who takes the most awesome sunset photos!
Chris....Thank you for your unwavering friendship....You really helped me through some really tough times over this past year and our friendship has blossomed so beautifully!!! And Chris Thank you for all the lil surprises that you send my way...You always seem to know just when I need a pick me up!
I can't wait to meet you in person in Aug at the retreat!!! OMG it will be sooooo cool to finally meet you! I agree with what you said you don't need a prize as you already have me as your friend and that is exactly how I feel about you!
Thank you all for leaving me a comment....

I don't think I have shared with you what the Beautiful Mummy & Mummy to be again Alyssa sent me for my Mother's Day present swap over at Scrap Chat!
Thank you so very much Lys....I love everything you sent me especially the chocolate!!! Pretty bad pics of me, but it was early in the morning and I look like something the cat had dragged in when the present arrived so I raced to the bathroom wet my hair and quickly ran my fingers through my hair to make it look a lil better. But ahhhhh I forgot to look in the mirror at what I looked like and yeh well next time I will do the hair and makeup before Baz takes any photos of me again!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. hit the nail on the head with all the girls...I don't know a couple, but will try to find their blogs and check them out....This post was beautiful....happy birthday to your blog, and oh...just have a beautiful day!!!take

  2. congrats to Mandy..
    Shaz you have some beautiful friends and i cant wait to go through and look at their blogs properly...
    have fun..

  3. Yeh I am really lucky to have you as my friend too Sheri...and Mandy hope your day is great too. Email me you number I will ring you when you have time for a chat Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. Hi Sharon,
    You deserve all this kindness from all your friends, your a very generous lady, a carer and a sharer.

  5. ei sweety thanks for this post!such a lovely lady you are.Mandy is so sweet and I admire her being a mom too. Thanks for being my friend darl!!!!

  6. Oh Shaz thank you so much for being as lovely as you are. You know how much you mean to me. Thank you for everything and once again, congratulations to your successful blog birthday bash


  7. oh wow shaz that was really beautiful msg to all you special friends :) Happy blog birthday too, that is super awesome. Keep up the great work.xo

  8. Any wonder you have so many beautiful deserve them!!

  9. Oh Sharon you have made me all teary again...happy tears...luv ya
    PS you look absolutly gorgeous with or with out make up

  10. lovely creations and I am a lil late but happy blog birthday!

  11. Hey gorgeous - just went to ring you back and dont have your number - can e you email i to me and Ill call you

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. That was me who deleted above.. I forgot to sign out of DF's account lol.

    Don't say you look horrible when you look lovely :) I am so glad you liked your pressie. You are such a sweetheart xox Much love xox


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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