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Mother's Day Draw....Just for Mum's!!! Here's my story!

Hello Lovely Ladies....This one is just for all the Mum's that visit my blog! Sorry to everybody who is not a mother to a beautiful child yet. Leave a comment to tell me how old you were when you became a Mum and how many children you have so you can go in my Mother's Day RAK Draw.....You have until Monday Morning 11th to leave me a comment on this post! You will win this wonderful pack of goodies....Motherhood is the most wonderful experience I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of! Yes our children can sometimes drive us insane...But I cannot imagine my life without my children!!! Here's my story....
Me, Jeff and Kirrily Apr 2009
I became a mother for the first time at the tender age of 21 and had a beautiful lil boy, Jeffrey was born with a cleft lip and no palate. He was such a placid and wonderful baby, even though he had to go through so many operations he would always give you this beautiful smile! I remember when they took him for his first operation to repair his cleft lip...Here are some photosthey brought him back to us in the ward and I said to Baz...I want my Jeff back the way he used to look when he smile his lip would curl up on one side and he was so cute! Not the way he looked all fixed up!This is a LO that I did of him with our family friends Alarna just before his first operation Here we are almost 20 yrs on and he still has a beautiful smile. This is Jeff today!!!At 23 I had my second baby a beautiful lil girl, Kirrily was just so perfect!
The doctors had told me to expect another cleft it is common for people who have had one cleft baby for them to have more! She was born very stressed and she was in intersive care for days because she had swallowed her own bodily fluids! So those 5 days were pretty scary! My Mum said to me that you would never get another baby as placid as what Jeff was....Well Kirrily was perfect and she still has not caused me any grief and she is almost 18 now!

So Mum's get in and tell me your stories and you will go in the Draw! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. I became a mum at the age of 24 (old by previous generations standards but apparently young by today's standards). I have one daughter, Keeley, who is 15 and a half months old. I will have another baby in about four weeks' time.

  2. When I was 31 we had our first child, a beautiful daughter Theabella. Went through 24 hours of labour only to have an emergency caesarean but she was born perfect. About a year later I suffered a miscarriage. 27 months after Theabella was born, our gorgeous boy Christopher came into the world. My children are practically all I scrap!!!

  3. Sorry bout the quality of the kids photos they are all scanned from their albums. Thanks for leaving me your stories Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. I still want to comment to say that I admire you being a very very strong Mother to your kids especially for JEff!

  5. Thank you for your kind comments about my strength Tessah! Mwah & Hugs to you.
    You know people used to tell me (God gave you this child because he knew that you could cope with what is ahead of him)
    I used to get very angry when they said that cause I am not religious in any way. But I am so thankful that Jeff is a part of my life and the things that we have had to deal with because of Jeff have made me a better person! Luv Shaz xoxo

  6. Hey Shaz! Thank you for sharing a part of your life. Now I know you even more. Thanks for trusting us. I do agree with your comment that God gave you Jeffrey because He knew you have a huge heart and can cope with it. God never give us problems that we cannot handle.

    I would like to share to you about my parents. They are very very religious but they were blessed with a special child, my brother who has a down syndrome. At first they were shocked but later on realized that they were lucky to have a child like him. He is very loving to all of us and he makes our family stronger. So to hell with people who thinks that its because of religion. I salute you for being brave and being a wonderful mother to both of your kids.

    I had Hannah last year only when I was 26. I love every minute of being a mom and I look forward for many more.

    Enjoy your day sweetie, sorry I wasnt able to reply to you at facebook earlier, i was having lunch

  7. I know evertything has a reason and purpose and I know having Jeff and Kirrily is priceless.Hats off to you darl!

  8. i'm not a mum (lol) but i would like to comment on the photos...
    they are SO gorgeous!!
    i absoloutly love the one of Kirrily sitting up in the pink dress!!

  9. Hi Shaz!!! Cute pics!!! I was nearly 23 when I had Joshua, who is now 5. Next came Harrison, now 2. And last but not least, my 7 week old pink bundle, Charlotte. Both of the boys where overdue and induced. Charlotte decided to come on her own 3 days early. Half way through though she started to go back up, So the docs decided to do a c. However by the time they got me prep'd and into theater she was where she should be so I delivered her naturally (with a full epi, so no pain whatsoever) on the theater table!!!

  10. I became a mother at the age of 26, and my first born was Melanie. She tried to come into the world 5 weeks early, with my waters breaking at 35 weeks, meaning a sit in hospital until the doctor thought it was the right time to induce her at 37 weeks. She was only a little thing, weighing 4lb 14 oz - I was ok with this, being a midwife already. But everyone else was too scared to touch her, and her father was hesitant, but he got used to her. She took a long time to grow still being tiny at age 1.She was the most stunning little girl with blonde hair that had a curl at the back, and blue eyes. She has grown to be a lovely young lady, aged nearly 19 - despite the fact she knows how to drive me crazy - a Mothers' plight, isn't it?
    We lost one in between, which was a sad event, and I am not sure I ever got over it, but we FINALLY, after a while trying, had Kieran, again a little baby 5lb 4 oz, with golden hair. He was the cutest little fellow, and had the most amazing ability to win me over when he was little, still with his golden hair, which caught many an eye. He still has that hair at age 15, which has developed a curl, which he hates - and he too is driving me crazy with those rampaging hormones - but I could not imagine not having them - despite them sometimes driving me to despair. I am blessed, they are lovely young people, and we will eventually get through these trying teenage years, and I am sure they will be wonderful adults. Sandyb

  11. Awwww Girls you are making me so emotional, I love being a mother and I am truly blessed to be the mother of these beautiful kids that I have. I don't mind how long your stories are, tell me everything and thanks for sharing with me and the rest of the world Luv Shaz xoxo

  12. What lovely stories and pictures! Thank you so much for sharing, everyone. It's special to read your stories. What a good idea, Shaz.

    As for me, I wanted to be a Mum for so long, but it wasn't till I was 32 that I had my daughter. I had just about given up on becoming a Mum by then. The pregnancy was not easy. I had an appendectomy when I was four month's pregnant! My daughter was born five weeks early as well. Sadly my marriage failed so I raised my daughter by myself for the next 10 years. That was a special time for both of us and we still have a wonderful close bond.

    Then I met a man who had two boys he was raising alone, and we married, thus making me step-Mum to an 8 year old and a 12 year old! Family life was accelerated into top gear for the years before all three children left home to make their own way, a time I will always treasure.

    Now I am Grandma to two little ones (a boy and a girl) with another grandbaby due in June!

    So the role of mother has been a very important one for me, and it continues to be so.

  13. I was blessed with three great children. Had my first when I was 20, a tiny girl Sharon, she was a couple of weeks early and only 4lb 14oz. 14 months later I had Anthony 7lb 3oz. Then once those two were off to school, along came Krystal when I was 27. They are all great kids and now Shaz has given us two gorgeous little grandkids and I believe they are trying for another...I am a pretty young grandmother (don't feel it at times!!) and very happy I had my kids young.

  14. I had a miscarriage before having my children. It was devastating. Then nearly a yr later, to the day I fell pregnant with Zac. He's now 5. I was 28 when I had him. I fell again 2 yrs later with my sweet little girl, Ella, who's now 3. I love them to bits, but once wondered if I'd be a Mum. The more you want something, the harder it seems to get. They are my gift!
    Chelle Xx

  15. hi girls,
    i have been a mum for nearly 24 years, my first born, a son nathan was born on the 14th may 1985, then bethany on 28th july 1987, then i was diagnosed with lupus an auto immune disease and we thought we may not be able to have any more children, but we were so happy to welcome hannah into our family in 1991. being a mum was the only thing i wanted to do.
    with my health the way it was at times, and yet we still wanted a larger family, we looked into the possibility of adoption. we thought there were kids out there who needed a family, and we had room for more..
    so we began the process of intercountry adoption. this was to take 8 years from application to finally bringing our little daughter home. we welcomed nisha into our home and hearts in jan 2003 aged two years.
    my journey and experience as a mum is something i never take for granted. i feel so blessed. through going through the process of adoption i met parents who simply tried everything to have a biological child, but then went through the process of adoption, a lengthy and expensive process, a process which is quite invasive and emotional. so i believe children are a gift and so very very precious.
    my two eldest have left home now, and are making lives for themselves. i missed them so much when they left home.
    i think a mum wears her heart on the outside at times, a place that allows the heart to hurt easily, and to show such emotion where the children are concerned..yet it can be so strong too when required.
    on mothers day this year, i look forward to honouring my mum and my mum-in-law, and to be with my children. my heart will be full, and i get very emotional each mothers day since i have had my youngest daughter in our family, as i say a silent prayer to a mum i havent met, but who gave me my hearts desire, at her hearts pain. i send her my deepest love across the ocean and i hope she can feel her little girl is safe and loved with me.
    to all the mums, and that is to anyone who touches the life of a child, whether you are an aunty, a big sister, or a still waiting with your arms outstretched mum, have a blessed and special mothers day, may your hearts be warm with emotion and know you are special and appreciated. we are doing the most important job in the whole world.
    have a wonderful day!
    from lizzyc

  16. I am 21 and a young mum my litle man is only 2 years old. Growing up I knew I wanted nothing more then to have a great Partner and lots of children. When I was 18 we started trying for our first baby it took us 7 months due to PCOS but it finally happened and we had the most gorgeus baby in the world he has been so perfect since the day he was born and I would not trade him for anything in the world. When he turned 6 months of age we knew we wanted another badly and we had been trying for a LONG 19 months and then just the other week I found out I am finally PREGNANT again. Our little family is so excited and our precious little bundle is due on christmas day. I have only positive feelings about this little one and I can't wait to see my children interact and love each other as much I love them. Ok Shaz now you have me all in tears LOL xxx

  17. I first fell pregnant when i was 22. Sadly we lost that little bubba when i was 13 weeks pregnant. Then, within a month of my miscarriage i found out that i was pregnant again. It was a really difficult pregnancy and i spent most of it in hospital due to bleeding and then dangerously high blood pressure. The doctors told me that i would lose my son, but he is now a happy and very healthy 11 year old.He was born 4 weeks early weighing 7 pound 2 and was a very unsettled baby. I got post natal depression after he was born and it was a very difficult time. I lost my third pregnancy to miscarriage. Then i fell pregnant with my second son. I had an easy pregnancy, easy birth and beautiful baby boy weighing 6 pound 14. He is now nearly 8. When i fell pregnant with my daughter the doctors told me that she may have downs syndrome after i had my ultrasound. That was very stressfull and we decided then that she would complete our family. When she was born healthy,weighing 8 pound 1 we were so releived. She is now a happy, healthy 5 year old, full of energy and completely fine. I always wanted to be a mum and i feel completely blessed to have 3 beautiful kids who are happy and healthy. Mumo3 - Michelle

  18. I was 24 when I had my first child, Shannon (14). I had no problems with the pregnancy, and gave birth to healthy baby girl, to which my husband dreamt exactly what she looked like. Two years later I had my first son Lachlan (12), again no problems with the pregnancy followed three years later with Brendan (9). I went into labour with all three differently. 1st my water broke, 2nd I had a show and 3rd I was induced. I have to say that the most traumatic for me was the third birth as he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice, so I didnt get to hold him straight away. I call them all my little passionfruits....they are all beautiful. I am so lucky to be blessed with them all. Ali12

  19. Hey Shaz - first i wanna say thanks for sharing your story with us! i LOVE all th photos of your gorgeous family who i have had the pleasure to meet! i espically love the photo of Jeff and Kirrily when K was a baby.

    My story..?
    I was nearly 22 (young mummy) when Isabella was born my only child (as you know :)my christmas angel. She is now 17 months old. I LOVE being a mum, it has brought a whole new meaning to my life, i never thought you could love someone soooooooooooooooooooo much that you just want to cry. i wouldnt know where i'd be without by darling isabella.

    I was 2 weeks late and induced for my labour. It was a 6 hour labour - NO DRUGS i felt so proud of myself beacause labour had been my biggest fear of my life ever since i was a teen. but i did it!The first time i held my little girl, i was just soooo happy and proud! a start to a new life!
    thanks for making me tearey. xxxx

  20. OK, lets try this again!

    Thankyou Shaz for sharing even more about your family and yourself. That's one of the things I love about blogs is getting a little glipse into other people's lives.

    I became a mummy for the first time at 24. We had tried for over 9 months and endured my mum asking every single time she saw us if I was pregnant YET? Elizabeth was born after a natural, but very LONG (20 hours) labour. No tearing, not nothing, just 9 people sitting on a row of chairs watching me (my DH, my sister, my mum, my natural grandmother, my midwife and her student and another midwife as it had been too long and 2 ambulance officers who had been called to transfer me but weren't needed)! I was very happy. She was a good little baby and even though she can be a pain in the neck sometimes at 3, I wouldn't have her any other way. She reminds me so much of me!

    Phillip came along a little unexpectedly when I was 27. We'd just had a holiday in the Hunter Valley when I found out I was pregnant. Felt a little bad about our decadent weekend! LOL. We hadn't been trying and things had been a bit irregular so we weren't being as careful as we should have. He was also a natural delivery and luckily a bit shorter and once again no tearing or anything (yay!). He has been a very lovely baby from the beginning. He is so cuddly and smiley and he steals our hearts every day. He's now 15 months and learning to toddle everywhere and get into everything! We call him "Mini Matt" because he is so much like my husband. Both in looks and his personality!

    I always knew I wanted kids (I'm the eldest of 5 and my little brother is 18 years younger than me), and I am very happy with my little family of 4.

  21. Hello Shaz!! I had my first baby at 21 and my last at nearly 40. I have 5 and love them all. First were the 3 boys, Robert,(extremely prem, was the hardest time of my life ever) Steven(couple weeks prem) & Daniel(on time) My boys are now daddy's or waiting to be daddy's. Then I had my little girls, Gillian(3 weeks overdue!!) Angela(induced nearly 3 weeks early) I love my kids with a passion. I get very upset when i see kids that are not cared for properely and just want to pick them up and love them. I now have 4 grandchildren and will have 6 before the end of October....I am 47 years old and would have had more children if my health had been better, but I am overjoyed with the children that I do have and thank God for them. I really feel for the lovely people out there who need to go through adoption, its a big thing and a struggle both financially and emotionally. Peter and I have plans for fostering longterm children next year, this is just one way that we are able to assist. I am sure that I am going to just hate having to hand them back! Thanks for sharing Shaz..
    Love always

  22. Well...with 6 kids my story is a long one...I have wanted to be a mum my whole life...thats all I eve wanted to do....I decided to become a primary teacher because I just love kids so much...and just incase i never found the right man to be my I had Jess at 26...pretty old for a first baby back then...I was very sick with her....high blood pressure...nearly died...240/180...really eyes were blood red and my body was burning,..the hospital was hopeless, but we lived to tell the tale...She turned 19 on monday...then, my dad died when she was 1 and i sunk into depression..i begged dh for another and along came cameron...he was also induced and I had high blood pressure...19 months later came Lachlan...he was a crook little baby getting rsv bronch and always with asthma...hosp visits etc...
    Then, my hubby wanted that to be 4 years later Connor came...It was a huge shock...I tell you girls, I just need to look at ONE and i get was very sick with hospital for weeks as something was wrong with me...they didn't know what...i had drs smelling my breath all the time as my liver wass failing...blood tests every half hour...they induced me when he was 35 weeks...he was a huge sick bubby in NICU for 2 weeks..but he was an angel baby...had gestational diabetes with Lachlan and conner...I really wasn't meant to be I loved it...I couldn't imagine no more babies...but that was it..too risky...we got a suprise shortly after connor was one...we were using 2 methods of contraception 7 of you knows...and i fell pregnant with TWINS!!!!..their journey is a very long tale..i have written a short story about their journey...Needless to say I feel blessed to have 6. Tey are so caring and them to bits..and got my dream of being a mum to lots of kids...aren't i lucky..happy mothers day to you

  23. Firstly i too want to say thankyou shaz for sharing your amazing story and your gorgeous photos of those beautiful kids. Such a wonderful post you have thought of here, getting teary reading everyones story :)

    For me i had always wanted to start a family young with a caring, loving family orientated man, luckily for me i found that man first go, We had been goign strong for 3 years and both decided we werent going to wait any longer on having children, so we put our wedding on the back burner (which it still is lol)So i went and got my contraceptive stick removed with Df and alyssa watching on, a week later we had a bun in the oven and at teh age of 22 i gave birth to my gorgeous little stud muffin Alexander, was induced at 40 wks as they thought he was tooo little and plus i had hardly any fluid left, to our suprise he was a healthy 6.4pound bubba, Was in labour for 6 hours and was so very proud of myself doing it without drugs only encouraging words from df and mum and 3 stitches. Now i couldnt imagine my life any different, alex is what makes my world go round, i simply love being his mum and sharing all his accomplishments with him. He is now 20 months and growing so fast and now soon will also be proud parents of anouther little baby. Our little oompa loompa has only 4 months left in teh oven to cook, we so cant wait to meet this little angel and welcome he or she into our lives, i just know alex will love being a big brother and he'll love this baby just as much as we love him, cant wait to see my 2 children together. I also want to thank my beautiful man for giving me this wonderful opportunity at being a mum, its teh best and most rewarding job in the world.xoxoxo

  24. I had my first baby Jesse in 1982 just before mothers day I was 23.....13 years later along came Bella then 2 years after that Anna....Jesse was 10 days over due date Bella on her due date and Anna 2 weeks early my pregnacies were easy and the labour and births less that 24 hours although Anna was a breach I feel so lucky and blessed to have 3 great kids who I love with all my heart and a fabulous husband who is a very active dad.....thankyou Shaz and all those who shared your stories oxo

  25. LOve the family history shots Sharon - just gorgeous - I became a Mum when I was 30 - almost 31- with Josh, I was 32 when I had Lachlan and 34 when I had Daniel and 38 when I had Teleah. NOt bad for soemone who at 28 - was having NO children!!!


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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