Monday, 29 June 2009

MIA...Surely one day I will take a trick!!

Well I am so sorry girls....I have been MIA since the 20th!!! I am feeling rather depressed(OMG I said that word) Yeh I probably shouldn't be saying this out loud as it might mean that I have to admit that I have a problem!!! My house is such a pig sty and I can't clean it up as there is crap everywhere!!! I am so disgusted in myself that I won't even open the curtains anymore!!! Our lounge chair has became my wardrobe!!! And the lounge room is now our bedroom!!! OHHH I am so over it!!!

Well as you know some drunken idiot 5 times over the limit drove into our house exactly 3 months ago today!!!
Well I am depressed over the fact that it has been 3 months that I have been sleeping on the floor in our lounge room!!! Our bedroom has now been fixed since the 12th of June but because they haven't yet replaced the carpet in our room we are still sleeping on the floor!!! I know I sound like a broken record...but how long does it take to replace the carpet!!! GRRRR!!! And to top this all off, they still haven't fixed the airconditioning in the bedroom that hasn't been working since the 9th of Mar!!! Apparently they are waiting on part....well the part must be coming by a camel train via Dubai!!! I could have brought a new airconditioner quicker than them getting this part!!!

Hopefully one day soon I will take a trick and finally be back sleeping in my bedroom!!! If I win Lotto on Tues night I will be on the first plane out of here....leaving the mess behind. Sorry I am not in a more cheerful mood but I am not and probably won't be until all this is sorted out!!! I would so love to be back in my room by the 21st of July!!! My DD 18th birthday party is being held here at home and I want the house to be cleaned up by then!!! Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo

PS I thought I would just add this for some light reading....There is no justice!!!


  1. Hey Shaz

    Sorry to hear things are not still going to plan as you thought they may have, hopefully it will all be over soon and your lives can get back to normal again. Dont blam you sweet for being annoyed about the whole thing and the justice system ought to be looked at.

    Sending you positive vibes hun to see this happen earlier:) Mwah Hugs Ange xo

  2. Aww hun sending you lots and lots and lots of big hugs and kisses.. Take care sweetie xxx

  3. Oh you poor thing - I dont know how you have been able to stand it for this long !!!!
    Win lotto and fly here - I still have a spare room!!


  4. ok...chin up could be way worse and you know it.....i can understand your frustration though!!!!btw...i'll go halvies with you in the lotto if thats ok...I need a maid!!!lol...i am sure we'll win...ha ha ha!!!I have 3 going for tomorrow night...take care!!!xxx

  5. Shaz, be strong a bit longer....surely they must do it could always offer to go stay at the carpet layers house while you wait for them to do the job, maybe that will get them moving....I am afraid I would be at the carpet shop stamping my feet and demanding to know what is the hold up....if they dont have the carpet you wanted demand something similar, you have waited long enough....Fingers crossed for you it will be done tomorrow....Just realised I forgot to sign in to MSN again....Old timers has me in its clutches again.

  6. I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad! Let me know if you'd like to come over for dinner to make things easier. You know you're all more than welcome any time! Also, once the repairs are done, let me know if you need me to help clean up in time for K's party. I can't help feeling he should've gone to jail!

  7. Oh Shaz this is just so not right I think you have been more than paitent waiting 3 months to get things fixed (I would have been a raving mad woman long ago) The A/hole that did this to you may be sorry being his 4th conviction I really wonder how sorry he is He should be living in the mess he created not you.....Hoping like mad that all gets fixed real soon and you can get back to living normally

  8. Hi Sharon....just conga lined my way to your blog...lovin your albums. damn rude about the house i must say!!! if i'm right your up Bowen way...Mackay girl here...will stop by to check out your work again...great blog.


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