Wednesday, 30 September 2009

OMG My Header has disappeared...

Hello to all my fellow bloggers, I logged into my blog this morning and my blog header is missing???? Can anyone tell me where would it go??? It says that my URL image is invalid??? I am clueless when it comes to things like this that is why I asked Nat to make one for me. I will send her an email and ask if she can tell me why???
Edited 4.50pm .....Update on this posting as you will see a new header...Thanks to my friends Picasa & Adobe....this one won't be taken away from me!!!

Ok well onto other news....

Yesterday I spent most of the day playing with stamps after reading an article in one of the latest mags. It is in the techniques section of Scrapbooks Etc mag Aug/Sept 2009 on pg 114. The technique is called layers stamped images - of course as soon as I saw butterflies I had to try it!!!
It is Mum's 60th Birthday on Friday and I wanted to do a present for Mum something that is going to be very personal....As I don't know what to get Mum for her 60th Birthday (any ideas?) So here is a couple of sneaky peaks and then I will also show you the full LO as I am pretty happy with it as will be my Mummy I am sure when she sees it finished. Only trouble is with this present she is going to have to see it without any photos on it as I want to take them on Sat when we all arrive to surprise her. I am using a sketch from ScrapNCraft with T .Where the flourish is on the photo I am making it purple today with Opals which you can purchase from Tanyah's online store- ScrapNCraft with T.
Down the left hand side where the smaller photos are I am going to take these photos in this order.
Jeffrey & Kirrily
Me with Jeff & Kirrily
Mum with her 4 Grandchildren
John(my brother) and his 2 daughters Shae-Lee & Amelia
Shae-Lee & Amelia
I am also going to take a photo of Mum on her own on her 60th Birthday to add to this black frame! I will then once I have the pics printed frame it in a 12x12 Frame. I can't wait to see it finished!!! Will share with you after the weekend!

Mum thinks I am coming on Sat as my DD Kirrily can't get off of work until 5pm Fri...but ahh I have other plans....Jeff & I are leaving Collinsville on Thurs at lunch time going to my Dad's house for the night...then I will go to Rocky and go buy her some flowers and surprise her at her house. Have to get Jeff on the camera for that photo moment!!! She will be so surprised!!! Mum's youngest sister is taking her out to dinner at a Thai Restaurant on Fri night as she won't be able to attend the dinner we have planned for Mum on Sat night at the Brother's Leagues Club in Rockhampton!

Mum comes from a family of 9- 4 boys and 5 girls, I think so far to surprise her will be her 3 brothers and maybe only one of her sisters. The other sisters live in Warwick and the other one doesn't have her licence so she can't get in from out at Westwood! Mum thinks that it is only Me, Jeff & Kirrily and John, Lee-Ann, Shae-Lee & Amelia. LOL!! I think the guest list is up to about 22 at the moment. She will certainly get a surprise on Sat night!!!

Oh well that is it from me....Don't think I have any other news to share with you.
Ohhh yeh wait I do...I got dinner cooked for me the other night by Kirrily's new friend, Marcus!!! Marcus is the young Pommie lad from my post of the 21st of Sept. He felt that he had eaten dinner here so many times in the past couple of weeks that he had to repay us somewhat!!! I was like NO you don't have to do that I love having guests for dinner. It was so nice to have dinner cooked for me, by a male anyways!!! This never really happens in my house unless Baz is cooking on the BBQ! So here is a couple of pics from that night!!
I will be back on Mon to post the photos from the weekend away with Mum and her family!!! Have a great rest of the week and have a nice weekend with your family. Bye for now and Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Wow shaz, a nite off from cooking is always a wonderful treat!..

    Your layout and cards turned out totally amazing... and i really love thouse butterflies too!...please feel free to place them in the scrap n craft gallery if you want to.
    chat soon
    luv tanxx

  2. Hmm. Your header is missing for me, too. I hope you get it fixed easily. I love the masking technique you described and have used it a lot too :) our LO is lovely! Have a wonderful time with your Mum's birthday celebrations and wow - I was impressed with the dinner your friend cooked for you as well! Happy weekend, Shaz.

  3. your butterflies look stunning, wow.......your mum will love it.....
    have a great weekend celebrating her 60th.
    dinner looked delicious.....its so nice when someone else cooks for you, it always tastes good....
    have a nice day...yes your header has gone on holidays!!!

  4. Hi honey,Lisa told me her header was gone too but now it is back so must have just been an error,so its probably underneath your other one now!!

  5. fab stamping it...for mums 70th, we took her into the city for ther night and took her to phantom of the opera...she loved it...hope this idea


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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