Sunday, 1 November 2009

Secret Santa....details Edited 5/11/09

Hello my wonderful online friends....I want to know if anyone is up for doing a Secret Santa Swap through my blog....Sorry I think I will have to limit this to Australian residents only due to postage constraints....I apologise to my overseas followers.

Here is how I would like it to work....$10-15 Secret Santa Scrapbooking present
and a lil card with your name on it. Please buy something that you would like to receive yourself! I don't think it necessarily has to be something to do with scrapbooking. If you need help buying your person a present email me and I will do a lil snooping for you? LOL!!!

We will put our names down in the comment section of this post only until the end of Oct.
This post will remain at the top of my blog until Nov 1, I will keep updating the list on this post...(Please email me your home addy so that I can pass it onto your Secret Santa) to

1. Sharon
2. Lisa K
3. Sandie
4. Chris W
5. Kylie
6. Samantha
7. Elle
8. suzARTe
9. Lyn
10. Heather
11. Lexie
12. Sheri
13. Carol
14. Tracy
15. Amanda 73
16. Alyssa

Then on Nov 1 I will do a draw and email you with the details of the person you have to send the present too....Please buy something that you would like to receive yourself!

Send your Secret Santa Present before Dec 15 so that they receive it before Christmas Day please.

I would love to see most of my friends get involved in this lil extra surprise under the Christmas tree....Spreading the love throughout our Scrapbooking community. Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Oooh I just luv Christmas Shaz.

    I'll be in it too please.

    Luv Sandie


  2. Hi Shaz, I dont want to be part of the Santa swap as I dont celebrate x-mas but i did want to pop in and say hi. I hope everythings going welland your not too busy. Unless its busy scrapping of course LOL. Take care and I will pop back for a read soon. xoxo Chiquita

  3. OH wonderful>>count me in please!!

  4. Yep count me in please Shaz.. I LOOOOOVE xmas.Oh it's Kylie i'm having issues posting comments can you help me please... xxx

  5. Its Samantha from Challenge chicks and newbie to Blogs samiam life in just in case your like who the h*ll is
    Anyway I would so love to be a part of your secret Santa list, I so love Christmas and even more I love sharing the warm fuzzies :D
    I'm not sure if my comment went through on your blog, I'm haven issue with just trying to post comments on any blog....I comment then
    pick an account and then there's nothing?? am I doing some thing wrong?? probley... lol I can just say what an AWESOME blog you have!!!Samantha Young

  6. Hi Shaz

    you can count me in for the secret santa. everyone enjoyed the one i did last year at the challenge chics, so i though it'll be nice to be in one again :)

  7. sounds like a fantastic idea, I will be in on this :)

    Sharan, you still have to email me your postal add for your small WMCD gift :) :)

  8. Hey hunnie, you can definately count me in, would love to share the chrissy love to with all these wonderful friends. Hope you are well. oh btw love ur new banner. xoxo

  9. Hi Shaz,
    I'd love to be in the Secret Santa you are running. Not around much but always checking emails and trying to get to blogs....trying to work on a balance with online and creating, now that work seems to have taken over.
    Take care and Hugs,
    H-L Heather

  10. Hi beautiful...third time lucky my google account is doing my head in today.....would love to do the secret santa thingy...thanx for dropping by my blog and leaving the lovely comment....thought the title might put a smile on a few faces....glad you got it...oxo

  11. oohh!! awesome! could you put my name down too please???

  12. Hey Shaz....
    Thanx for the lovely comments you left on my blog....I love xmas and I love doing xmas OTP...
    Put me down for the Secret Santa !!! I'd love to be in it !!!
    x X x X

  13. hey Sharan,
    thanks so much for displaying the blinkee. My actual blinkee is at the bottom of the page with a link to the actual blog. Its just easier for people to get into my blog that way, just email me if any issues with finding it. THANKS again for being so enthusiastic about everything, pleasure sharing prizes with lovely people like you. Have a great week.

  14. Count me in for secret santa sounds like fun. And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, yes they are Websters Paper, I do have a few in stock. So glad you like what I sent you, I had posted you your parcel before my gorgeous new flowers arrived - sorry but I did make sure I put a butterfly of some sort in there for you :)

  15. yep count me in shaz...........loved the one we did at challenge chics, its always lovely to recieve 'good mail'......

  16. Add me in hun :) I havent joined a secret santa yet this year. As had some troubles last year and didnt recieve gifts but a small group like this sounds good :) xx


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