Friday, 27 November 2009

Scrapchat OHANA Retreat Recap

OMG I am so sorry....My poor neglected blog...Got so much to tell you but I will have to do it in separate posts....
Starting with the recap of "OHANA" Scrapchat Retreat

Karen(Lexie) picked me up from Leish's house, arrived at 3 Ainsley Ave.... OMG you should see this house!!! It is soooo massive!!!
Lots of Red and White accessories, and a pool which I never got in. I had so much fun at Retreat...Meeting all the girls was the best thing...I felt like I had known them for forever. OMG you should have seen the beautiful Ferrero Rocher boxes that almost everyone created...Scrapping started about 3pm on the Fri, I sat next to Sylvia (power scrapper if ever I saw one, I think she did 37 LO's for the weekend) we played Scrap Bingo and I scrapped until 1am (Yes, you heard it!!! I stayed up until then!) I did manage to finish one complete LO for my friend Lisa who I was staying with after the Retreat, she has such a beautiful family! I achieved lots of bits and bobs for various Scrapchat Retreat requirements, we all had to do an 6x6 album page for an album that someone is lucky enough to win. Lexie who took me to Retreat won it....See first pic of her and I with our feather boa's and necklaces. I ended up doing 2 as I loved my first one so much I had to keep it.
We also had to decorate a mini canvas that Gypsy will mount onto a board for all attendees to view at future retreatsWe also each got given a giant playing card and were asked to cover it in PP, leaving a space for where we put the group photo that was taken on Sun. All the people on your table could add one embellishment to it...And they had to sign their name on the back, then it got given to the other table and they just signed it, they didn't get to add anything to it...All the people at their table got to do that. Here is mine minus the photo as yet!I finally gave Tanyah the page that I did for her Well Wishes book that everyone gave her when she was in hospital way back in Feb...Oh well better late than neverI didn't get to do any of the challenges at Retreat, but I have finished a couple while I was still away on holidays. Here is Gypsy's 3 Cards same but differentOn Saturday Leish arrived and introduced her to everyone. Then we went to the shops...I ran into one of my cousins...Yeh she lives on the Gold Coast! Then the rest of the day we scrapped! I started taking photos and never really stopped everyone was sick of me...LOL!

Saturday night we had our Fancy Dress (Roaring 20's), I haven't dressed up for fancy dress since I was about I it felt a lil bit weird but I really enjoyed it and I had another photo opportunity.
Everyone's costumes looked awesome. Sat night was a singstar competition, I only sung one song....What about me?
I made my famous caramel cheesecake dip for the biccies...Yummo!
I didn't stay up late Saturday tired from the night before

I didn't achieve much on Sun...too tired I think!
But I was up before everyone else! Couple of new ladies arrived today, one being my online friend Ali....
She always knows when to PM me...everytime I am feeling a lil down Ali always seems to pick me up...Thanks Ali And I hope you love your page for your lil book.
Love that range of pp's.We played pass the parcel, I asked all of the girls to give me something from their stash and I tried to wrap it up but needed Leish's expertise. Then unbeknowns to me we had lost one of the prizes...but I found it when I remade my bed...It was a lil note from Tracey saying that she had the prize...which was a transparency - Sarah Walker got it!

We also got to pick one of the Ferrero Boxes when Gypsy drew each person's name out...I think I was like only the 2nd persons name drawn so I got to pick Sandyb's was filled with Flowers, Clock faces, Buttons, Bling, Christmas Bling, Ribbon Buckles and ohh so much more that I can't remember. Thanks Sandy I loved everything.
and Ali you got to pick my Ferrero Box, hope you liked all your goodies Hun I was so happy with the look of this piece of OTP that I wanted to keep it for myself!! Thanks to my friend Kerry here in Collinsville for helping me with the lid it was doing my head in!!!

Sandyb asked me to do a page in her lil book, about our favourite quote..
I used the quote"When one door closes, Another one opens"
We had our group photo taken before any of the girls left...This is the photo that will go on my giant playing card that was decorated by my table.
Lisa arrived at about 3pm and stayed until about 6pm...Think she enjoyed a lil time out without the children.I stayed with Lisa and her beautiful family from Sun evening until Thurs lunch....I left her at the Nerang Train Station and flew home to Rocky to my Darlin....Will fill you in on the next part of my holiday when I do the next mammoth post....Had so much fun!!! Lots more photos to share. Until then Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Wow! You've been a busy girl! Your new lo's are all stunning Shaz!!!! Sounds like you had alot of fun at the retreat!

  2. Yay girl - have you recovered from all of your travels

  3. wow shaz...lucky girl!!!!nd the scrapping is

  4. Loved catching up on your blog Shaz, yes I love the box....its gorgeous, I will have to get you to send me a copy of that photo, will pm you in Scrapchat with my email addy. Love to you. Ali XXX


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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