Sunday, 10 January 2010

This Beautiful Girl and her family came to visit me....Miss you already

This Beautiful Girl and her family came all the way to Collinsville to visit me....
It is the first time any of my online scrapping friends have been to my house!!!
I was so excited!!!

Lisa and Shane and the kids come to visit on the 2nd of Jan, from Airlie Beach.
I had promised them a day of Mine tours and Swimming in the river (Croc's and all). Lisa was a big apprehensive, knowing there has been sightings of croc's above and below our swimming spot!!!

We had a rainy start to the day and Baz had to ring to get permission to take our friends out to the mine...BUT!!! It was too wet, so they said!!! I didn't think that we got that much rain to make it too slippery to take them out! Baz decided to take Shane and the boys out back of the mine in the car to show them whatever they could see in regards to the mine! Lisa and I sat around chatting while Pea played with the Dolls House! I also made a cobb loaf! Yummy!

They returned from the tour and we had some lunch and then we went to the river to play in the swimming hole with the swing, and have snags for dinner before the Kamphuis family headed back to Airlie.

Luckily for us NO ONE else beat us to that perfect spot!!! And also lucky for us the river had a good flow of water running through it wasn't that high the day before and apparently it wasn't that high the day after they left! So here is some pics....mostly off of Rhys's waterproof camera!
Daniel is a such a daredevil, he loved this swing
Such a great shot of Lachlan swinging
This swing by Josh cost me $5
Shane enjoyed the swing so much too
Shane is so good with these guys, not only does he make a great dad, He will make a great Doctor!!!
Taleah desperately wanted to have a go on the swing but she jumped off the log with (her sitting next to friend) brother Lachlan
Of course Lisa couldn't let everyone else have all the fun, she had to join in!!! Smiling all the way of course!!
Poor Teleah really wanted to have a swing so Shane decided to take her passenger and have a swing with his daughter!!!
A great day was had by all, as they were about to leave I decided to take some photos of them outside the Collinsville sign!!! So glad I did!!! Thanks for visiting guys, I had the best day with you and your family.Please come again really soon! These people are the most beautiful family, Mwah Love you guys!I went to Airlie to visit them on Tuesday 5th...Me and my fav girl!Here they are standing on my dream block of land.
I had so much fun with Lisa on the Tuesday, we hung out in the apartment for a while. Then the kids wanted to show me the pools!!! Wow this place has so many pools. Lisa and I hung out at the shops in Proserpine and Airlie we had lunch at BB's (my fav cafe) and then we went sight seeing. I will be back a bit later to show you the few photos I took that day but unfortunately it was a rainy drizzly day so I didn't take that many photos. But I am sure that before you know it Lisa will be posting all of her holiday snaps!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo



  1. Nice photos Shaz, great to see you had a lovely time.

  2. wow...looks like alot of

  3. Shaz! i havnt posted on here in so long!
    Glad to see youre doing well (:
    I love your first layout of 2010! BEAUTIFUL!

    Also ust letting you know that i have started a new blog (:
    So go check it out!

  4. It looks like you all had so much fun. So happy for you. LOVE that LO. Pretty darn good start for the year. :)

  5. OMG - you bring a tear to my eye - I had so much fun with you. Move to TOOWOOMBA - QUICK!!!!! Love you girl

  6. :( I'm really sad now. I was really happy when I started reading the post, because I was pleased that you got a visit from Lisa, which looked like so much fun. Then as I kept reading, I began to miss you and Collinsville more and more!

    I've just read on ScrapChat that you're coming down, so that at least makes me feel a little better. Can't wait to see you!! I'm going to call you tomorrow because I've finally got some time.

  7. Thanks so much for the congrats Sharon, I am very lucky and excited!!!

  8. They are great photos Sharon cracked up at the piccies of Lisa splashing into the water, and OMGosh the view from your dream block is to die for! Hope your well! mwah


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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