Sunday, 21 February 2010

I'm Back....Holidays were awesome!!!

Hi Girls....I know it's been a long time between posts, but I'm baccckkkk!!
I've been tripping around this great state of ours....My DD asked me to come with her to Brisbane to hold her hand LOL!!! Like I could refuse such an offer!!!
We left here on the 10th and got home on 19th. We had a pretty bumpy flight to Bris as there were storms all around us, BUT once we arrived in Brissy it was perfect weather!!! Except for the day that we left to head to the Gold Coast, it started bucketing down. The weather was good on the Goldy too!!! I am just thankful that we had decided not to go to the theme parks that first day as we would have been drenched!!

So I hear you say"what did you do?" WELL you see my budget was pretty tight and I really did just go along to hold Kirrily's hand, she was the one with all the money and she spent it....Coffee club was our first stop
We walked, walked and walked And shopped, shopped and shopped some more, this is only some of her many purchases!She is your typical almost 19yr old, she brought dresses, blouses, shorts, shoes(6 pairs might I say!), wallet, new suitcase as she had brought so much stuff LOL!!! And her final purchase as we are about to head home was a GUESS Handbag and Wallet $300 value for $145 as they were having a 50% sale!!!

The highlight of my trip to Brisbane/Gold Coast was catching up with my friends, we stayed with one of my oldest friends Jacki and her children and grandchild, one and off to 10 days. T
hey mean the world to me. Mwah Love ya'sOn Thurs Leish & the girls came to Toombul we had lunch at Billy Baxters, and I finally got to see Keeley she hadn't forgotten me....And Brianna had grown so muchFri we went to Stone's Corner for more shopping....Jacki treated me to a Spa Pedicure OOOOHHHH so nice! And then the girls went out clubbing in the Valley

Sat we took the ferry to
Southbank, I got to meet the gorgeous Briana Corry and her lil ones then she took our photos. Ohhh Thank you so much hunnie they are just gorgeouscheck out the rest of them on my Facebook page . And then I took photos of Jacki and her family and then we took the ferry back home again.

Sun morning we packed up early and went to Leish's house, we went shopping again and Kirrily brought some more things and I brought 2 pairs of Ipanena thongs that Giselle Bundchen designs
They are so soft and comfy!!!
I brought some Easter eggs to share with Craig, Leish, Keeley, Kirrily and myself.
Then we had BBQ dinner and went out to watch Valentine's Day at Chermside.

On Mon morning we went with Leish and the girls to their swimming lessons
then back on the train back to Hendra before heading back into the city to meet up with my friend Jodie at the Myer centre, but I am so disappointed cause I forgot to get Kirrily to take a photo of her and I together:(

Then in the afternoon we both became the tourists for the day as we visited the Museum, rode the Ferris Wheel-Eye of Brisbane
and took another ferry ride across the river to the Pancake Parlourwhere we had the yummiest tea/dessert of pancakes and crepes and then walked the streets of Brisbane taking photos of the nightlife. We could see a huge storm brewing so we quickly walked back across the bridge to the Eye of Brisbane again for a night time trip. Just as we got on the Ferris Wheel it started to rain, so our night time photos weren't all that great!!!! But the views will be forever etched into my memory. Brisbane is really a beautiful city at night!

Tues morning we stayed home and washed our clothes before leaving Brisbane for a couple of days,
we were heading down to the Gold Coast. When we hopped on the train and it started to pour and it rained all the way to Helensvale where we finally met Emma Stafrace. Emma took us shopping to Australia Fair then home to her house where I got to see Angie and her family and met Em's hubby Dan!!! We chatted and chatted, Em is such a beautiful person!!! Had such an awesome night with everyone! I am so jealous that Angie and Em live so close!

Wed morning we went shopping again, first stop was the Scrapbooking shop....
It was the first time on my whole holiday that I had hit a scrapbooking shop - The Stampers Hut. I purchased this lil stash of goodies.....

We then went to Bella Luna where we waited for the birthday girl Lisa K and Angie to arrive. She got such a surprise to see me and Kirrily there!!! She opened her presents and loved them all! Our lunch was delicious!!! Then we went home to Lisa's with Em and spent the rest of the day relaxing before Lisa, Kirrily and I went to Q1 building QDeck and have dinner at Sage restaurant to continue celebrating Lisa's birthday.

Thurs brought about the Broadbeach Retreat for the Challenge Chic/Mad About Scrapping girls. I was so excited to meet many of my online friends in person. And of course Kirrily went shopping again to the Pacific Fair!!! Ohhh the house looks so cool...lots of luxuries!!! I left about 1.30pm after seeing Leanne,
Amanda (Star), Emma meeting Cass & Pauly, Coz, Louise, Wendy G, Donna, Julie!!! Thank Lisa & Emma for a wonderful couple of days. So jealous that I couldn't stay, hope all the girls have had so much fun!!

Back to Brissy for one more day, firstly we had to detour through the mall for Kirrily to buy another suitcase (LOL to fit all her purchases in) back to Jacki's house for the night to pack! But Kirrily just had one last request for Fri- Breakfast at Pancake Parlour and to see the Art Gallery

So on Fri morning so we got up early and headed into the city for the final time...
MMMM Pancakes for breaky yummyyyyy!!!!
After breakfast we walked across the bridge again only to find out that the Art Gallery wasn't open until 10am so then we decided we would try to find the Photography Gallery but it wasn't open until 11am when we finally walked to it!!! More walking to do - back to South Bank for a while then at 10am we got into the Art Gallery and we left there and walked back over the bridge back to the Queen St Mall. And I couldn't believe who I saw running up the mall....It was the beautiful Elle and all the other doctors dressed in their finery LOL!!!(Apparently it was their sports day, who could believe this?)Kirrily also ran into a couple of her Airlie Beach friends who wanted her to go clubbing the night before!!!GUESS shop was having a 50% sale and this is where Kirrily found her Guess bag/wallet. We left the city by bus and headed to Toombul for Kirrily to do more shopping before walking back to Jacki's house before heading to the Airport.

Finally we arrive at the Airport to fly home....So glad to sit and know that we would soon be home!!!

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  1. wow.
    ALL the photos look awesome, cant wait to see them scrapped!
    looks like you had a great time, though im glad your back :-)

  2. wow sharon...what i fab with envy girl...hugs to

  3. Wow I felt like I was with you, what a jam packed, fun, exciting holiday, pancakes, that bag your daughter bought with wallet is awesome and meeting all your friends. Just all sounded wonderful Sharon, so glad you had such a wonderful time, and only 1 scrap shop? You did well.

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic time and I was wrapped to have finally met you!! You are as gorgeous in real life as we imagined you would be from your blog and forums!! Just wasn't long enough!!

  5. Hi Shazzy! So glad you had such a lovely time on your little trip!! The pics are amazing!! I especially love the one of the casino all lit up in purple! Was so glad that I got to see you again even if it was only for a few hours! Chat soon, mwah Star xx

  6. Awesome to see you back online Shaz...sounds like you had an awesome holiday. Love all the pics you put up...your daughter is stunning!!

  7. OMG...I am exhausted at just reading about your days in Brissie!! Lucky you being able to meet Bri and catch up with so many friends!!

  8. Oh hunnie, it was so much fun hanging out with you and Kirrily! Can't wait to do it again! mwah


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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