Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I just want to let everyone know that I am sorry that I have not been commenting and leaving you all much love lately! Things in general are just getting me down! I have not really been myself for a couple of weeks now, just seem to be stuck in a rutt.

I have resigned from my position at Scrap, Chat 'N' Challenges due to not being able to participate fully as a Creative Team member! I am trying to scrap at the moment and it all just looks like s***!

Can't actually say why I am feeling like this but it is probably another lil bout of the low lows!!! You know I really have lil to complain about, but I still find myself feeling depressed and teary all the time!!! I want to say a special Thank you to those people and you know who you are! Who always seem to have time for me and send me their love all the time!

If it weren't for my online friends I sometimes wonder what would become of me.
Mwah xoxo Thank you all, Love you all! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Get out of Collinsville!!!!

    Come closer to the Goldie - then youll feel better!!

    Mwah babes


  2. oh shaz,,,hugs girl...know thw low lows well..take care...xxxx

  3. Hi Shaz,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...was great to hear from you :)
    Sorry to hear you are a biy low at the moment...keep smilin :)
    Thanks for the suggestions for kits. I will definately be looking into this further.
    Thanks again
    Deb xo

  4. Chin up Shaz. Don't let those bad thoughts get you down (even though you do want to just give in to them.....) I know how you feel too after last year, and I know it's tough.

    If you wanna chat about things, I can listen :)

  5. Oh Shaz, sounds like you're going thru a rough time :( I hope things pick up for you soon.

  6. Sending my love and well wishes your way Shaz, I hate the low lows, get them sometimes, I bet if you showed us your work we would love it, I pray you are feeling better when you read this, thinking of you. Love Melxxx

  7. Sending lot's of hugs and love....lows are the pits you will get through just takes time...Lexie...oxo

  8. The biggest of hugs coming your way. I pray that what is making you so low is soon sorted out.


  9. Shaz, been missing you at Scrapchat....hugs and love, sorry to hear you havent been feeling yourself lately, missing you!!

    Love Ali

  10. oh shaz, just sending you a big scrap pal hug and i trust you are feeling a bit better now since you wrote this post.. i know how you are feeling, us women and our hormones etc, so i hope this doesnt last very long and you are up and at 'em again very soon.. you encourage so many of us, just know you are thought of with happy thoughts and you are precious.. love to you.. lizzy


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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