Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ball Accessories

Well Girls Hello again....Thank you for all visiting and leaving me comments. Sorry that I have not been around this past week, I have been pre-occupied with everything to do with the Ball. The theme is Winter Wonderland!
We have decided where Rhys and Kirrily are having their photos taken and what kind of car they is going to the ball in. It is an original FJ Holden, and it is black! Now that Kirrily has her dress we had to focus on her accessories. Friday we went back to TVille to get Amanda's (K's friend) Ball Dress and accessories as well as Kirrily's accessories. We also had to purchase Kirrily's partner's Shirt and Tie! We were also supposed to buy decorations for the ball! But we just ran out of time.

Here are the photos of Amanda (not a very good one sorry, she left her bra straps up when trying on the dress.) And a collage of Kirrily's accessories. She is going all blingy to the ball! Can't wait for the ball! I am so excited about it now because Marissa has asked me to help her take the photos at the ball, so I get to see all the happenings on the night! Parents normally only see the entrances and then they have to go home! It is such a shame that it is only for 4 hrs!


  1. Wow Sharon your header looks awesome. All well coordinated and very artistic, I should say.Well done

    Those accessories are gorgeous. It makes me take out some of my jewellery and see them. They are all inside the locker and haven't seen them for ages! Lucky girls and they are just gorgeous.
    Your blog is now one of my favs

  2. The girls are going to have so much fun Shaz and the dresses are goregous as well as the jewllery:)

    Cant wait to see some of the layouts produced from this event:):)


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