Friday, 19 September 2008

The Ball Dress

OMG.....Kirrily looks so gorgeous in her new ball dress.....Don't you think???? Perfect for the Winter Wonderland theme.....Bring on Oct 11,2008!
Yesterday we went to Townsville with a dress in mind!!! We brought nothing like that dress....Found plenty of flouncy, hooped & blingy dresses, which was what she planned on getting until we tried on this beautiful lil dress. It is the only dress that she tried on that, she instantly had her gorgeous smile on her face that you couldn't wipe off!!! She wasn't going "oh you can see this fat bit or that fat bit!" This girl is so obsessed with her bad bits and doesn't look at the big picture. That is a beautiful girl who has some lovely curvy bits like her Mummy! LOL
But I was amazed at the size difference in all of the dresses she tried on....
She is normally a 12/14...Some 12's fitted like a glove and some 12 swum on her.
And some 14's wouldn't even fit her! But this lil dress is a size 10, Kirrily said "Mum they must have the sizing wrong because I am definately not a TEN!"
We brought the dress from "HillsinHollywood" on Charter's Towers Rd TVille!
Check out their website

All I brought myself was 6 Butterfly boxes for all of my photos! I am going to clean out all of my shoe boxes and put all the photos into these lil babies.
Aren't they cute???
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  1. oh wow shaz, kirrily looks absolutely gorgeous!! its so good when you find something nice n it looks good on you straight away!
    lol at the curvy comment - there is nothing wrong with some curves here n there (even tho i dont have many :( oh well) n kirrily is such a beautiful girl! you should be proud!

  2. OMGosh Shazzles! That dress is beautiful and Kirrily (Kizzles! Ha!) looks absolutely stunning!

    She will be the belle of the ball!

    At my deb ball my parter collapsed and had to have his appendix out!!!!! :O

    PS - Curves are HOT! All the best looking chickies have em! ;)

  3. Kirrily looks stunning so beautiful just like her mum
    love the flutterby boxes

  4. Wow Sharon! Kirrily is so beautiful. Love her in that dress. She is just gorgeous. Please convey it to her.
    Love curves. they are so much better than the stick like figure.
    She will have a ball. Tell her not to worry about the curves but actually be proud of them.

    BTW love your butterfly boxes too. All my photos are in the form of CDs. Guess in a few years I will have to buy plenty of CD storage.


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