Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Got My Dream Job Yesterday, Start Today

Yesterday I got a phonecall from St John Bosco's School in Collinsville to ask if I wanted a position as Teacher Aide to a special needs student. I said "Of Course"
So I start today....I can't wait! I Love kids....especially ones that are not mine!
Oh that sounds like I am a weirdo! I am not! I get one so well with lil kids and I enjoy working with them and seeing them grow. I am so excited this is like my Dream Job. I always wanted to be a Pre-School teacher....but I didn't get the best TE score when I was at school so I never pursued it! Everyone tells me that I should go to Uni now....the kids are off my hands!
I have been volunteering at the Kindy for the past 2 yrs and I absolutely love it! I am really sad that I will not be able to go there on a Thurs now, but this is a paid job at St Johns so I take it and sacrifice my day at Kindy. Have to ring Kindy today and tell them that I can't work for them the 1st week in Dec. Oh I feel really bad!
I will let you know how my first day went this afternoon, I am so so excited!

Oh and on another note.....Decorations! I know you are probably sick of hearing about these decorations but I am so happy that the people at the school who matter love them!
I got this email from the HOD at the local high school re all the Decorations that we have made for the Ball..... "Hi Sharon, You've all been working incredibly hard - the decorations look amazing. Well done! Oh, and the ball tickets look fabulous - very delicate and eyecatching. Thanks for all your efforts Sue"

BBFN Luv Shaz


  1. Congratulations on the dream job hun, hope all goes well for you:):)

    Hugs Angie

  2. Wooo Hooo Shaz...congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of Teacher Aides.....it is wonderful and fulfilling and the best part is they aren't ours...LOL....Sadly I'm losing one of my 'boys'...he's been diagnosed and has been put on meds. so now will go to another Aide who works with this behaviour group...I work with the undiagnosed or newly diagnosed behaviour darlings....sad to see this little buddy move on as I've been through the roughest parts with him...and now that there is some light, I lose him....but all is good...he is developing into a more settled and promising fellow....have fun and enjoy yourself.

  3. So proud of you for landing this Job Shaz! You should be so pleased with yourself mate!




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