Friday, 10 October 2008

The Decorated Hall....Only 1 day to go!!! Woo Hoo....Stay away rain!

Hello everyone....more Ball talk!!! Well today the Yr 12's had the day off to decorate the hall for the Winter Wonderland Ball. It took them most of the day to put all the decorations up and add the final touches by 2pm.....Mr Ninnes the art teacher has done the most amazing back drop for the theme. Thank You Craig!
Thank you to everybody who helped me decorate all the bits and pieces for this ball. And to my friends who have donated lights and beads Thanks as well.
Suppose you want to see some photos now!
Can't wait for tomorrow now....except we are worried about the storm clouds that are looming outside and it is so hot here! So sad that they can only go for 4 hrs though.....Some of the kids are more interested in the after ball party!!! Damn shame bout that....Well I guess tomorrow night will bring more photos of the ball! If I am this excited about a school ball imagine how excited I will be if it was one of my children getting Married! Woo Hoo...hope that is a long way off yet though! TFL & BBFN, pray that there is no rain for tomorrow!! Luv Shaz


  1. You have done a fantastic job with the decs Shaz hope the rain stays away lets us know how it all goes take lots of pics and share would love to see the kids having a great time
    Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts it is very much heart felt

  2. Wow that is awesome Sharon. Hope the rain stays away and the kids get to enjoy the Ball.
    can't wait to see more photos of the Ball

  3. awww... Shaz, the decorations look stunning babe!!!
    ps -i just started my own blog too :)

  4. OMG! That hall looks fabulous! Great work ladies in what you have all accomplished, lots of hard work put into it to make it look fantastic. No more sore fingers now shaz hey!

    Love the back drop of winter wonderland in the first photo, just gorgeous:) TFS

  5. My husband really is talented, isn't he!!!! :P All the decorations were beautiful that night though! I still think Belle of the Ball went to the wrong person!


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