Sunday, 12 October 2008

School Ball 2008 Photos Photos and more Photos

Hi everyone, Thanks for visiting! Yesterday was the day finally of the School Ball. Kirrily went to work for a few hours in the morning and then at 1pm we went to the hairdressers. It only took about an hour to do her hair and makeup so that was good. Once at home Kirrily was like can I put my dress on yet? I am like no you can't put your dress on yet! She did almost forget to put her fake nails on though! About 3.30 she got dressed so that we could go take photos here there and everywhere. Firstly we went to Rhys's house to pick him up.....Rhys's Nan was in the process of making Kirrily's corsage and it looked beautiful! It was off to the creek to get photos taken by Marissa!
Kirrily & Rhys love Pelican Creek so they wanted photos in the creek, I didn't get too many good ones there so lets hope Marissa did! After the creek we went to the skatebowl to get some photos. Love the look of these photos! Rhys's Nan came to the skatebowl to give K her corsage. It is so beautiful!
Then it was off to the bougainvillea to have more photos, the FJ Holden arrived so Rhys & Kirrily had photos taken beside it too. Then home to take photos outside of our house in the FJ Holden! The photos that I am going to upload are just from my lil point and shoot camera as I don't have Marissa's yet! About 6.30 we went to the hall and watched all of the kids arriving in their beautiful dresses and suits. They all looked so nice! I reckon that the best arrival will go to the couple who came in the Fire Engine, it is one of Kirrily's friends Alicia! This is the social event of the year for all Collinsville people.


  1. Kirrily you look sooooooooo Gorgeous!!! love the flowers! and shaz, i bet you can't wait to start scrapbooking all the photos ;)
    Thinking of you..
    Love Rach xox

  2. Kirrily look so beautiful Sharon. Love her in that dress, the hairstyle is awesome. Those flowers on her hand is just a fabulous idea
    OMG!! these kids must have a very nice time.

  3. Oh My gosh Sharon,Kirrily looks just amazing..I bet you cried!I spent a fortune on Britt's ball,It's a day for a girl to remember and certainly her MUM too!You've done a fantastic job there,such beautiful kids.

  4. Oh man! Kirrily looks beautiful Shaz!
    Her hair looks freaking awesome!

    OMGosh! I'm nearly crying now remembering my year 12 Prom... sigh... I'll have to get my photos out and show you!

    GOrgeous shots and such a cutie little couple! Aaaawwwwww!

    Can I scrap one for you? I'd love love LOVE to!

  5. Thanks Girls....Love the fact that you leave comments! Yes they all had the best time! Lots of money was spent but it is all worth it to see her looking so beautiful. Yes Skye I would love you to scrap one (maybe two) for us! Thank you all so very much Luv Shaz xoxo

  6. WOW! Kirrily looks gorgeous:) Love all the photo's hun. Cant believe how quick the ball all came around. Hope they have a great evening and cant wait to see the scrapbooking from these great photo's.


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