Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I have finally done some scrappin!!!

Well hello everybody...Thanks for visiting and commenting! Last weekend I went home to my family in Rocky and Jeff had to get his plate removed so that he could finally get a job!!! Jeff couldn't believe how different it felt to actually not have that plastic thing in his mouth and be able to eat more than just soft foods.
Saturday we went out to my Dad's and then we went for a drive to the river that I grew up on. It was so nice to go to the river for a relaxing couple of hours. I only took a couple of photos...nothing too exciting! I went down and checked on my old house and it was still standing (Thank God) and it felt just like home! Wish I could move back home to my old house.

It has been so long since I have done any scrappin that I thought I had forgotten how!!! But today I did Kylie's Oct CC in about 3 hrs! I am really happy with it! Thanks Kylie for a great challenge
Then the other day I did this one of Kirrily...Yes it is of one of her ball photos. It is nothing too exciting! I LOVE this pp so I decided to keep it just as the page and then just cut the words out and tuck the photo of K underneath it!
Last Tuesday night I taught Paper Piecing...It is a Family Tree page for my GF's brand new grandson.
Well I am really behind in all of the challenges over at Deb's Creations, so I will see how many more LO's I can get done before the end of the month! I have been so busy since getting my new job, I just don't seem to feel like scrappin when I get home.

On the job front I am really enjoying my work as a Teacher Aide and I have so much to learn. The student that I am working with is really lovely! Everybody at work seems so helpful and I really do feel like I have been there for ages, not just 2 weeks. On Tuesday I did a full day instead of just my 2hrs a day. I was in with the prep kids, most of them knew me from when I worked at Kindy last year so it made it alot easier to fit in to their class. Tomorrow we are off on an excursion to the mine so I can't wait for that! Well it is nearly my bed time so I will say goodbye for now and hopefully I will catch up with you all a bit later. Luv Shaz xoxo

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  1. Like you Shaz I have been the LO's you have pleased you are enjoing your new job....luv Lexie oxo


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