Thursday, 23 October 2008

I want to share these with you that the OHH SO BEAUTIFUL SKYE did of Kirrily

Hello again...2 posts so close together! I just wanted to share these LO that the OHH SO BEAUTIFUL SKYE did of Kirrily's & Rhys's Ball photos. Thanks so much Skye! They are so different to anything that I would have done. I love them so much! Hope you don't mind me borrowing them from your album Skye at Deb's Creations.

The first one is just of Kirrily sitting on the the skate bowl wall. I love this photo of K but she is not so keen due to her eyes looking so dark in the photo. I never do anything like rip the cardstock or use heaps of paint on LO's, I love them both for very different reasons. The freshness of this LO makes me go to my happy place.

This is the other LO that Skye did of Kirrily & Rhys. Kirrily was smelling the flowers herself prior to putting them under Rhys's nose. It was such a sweet moment like Skye said in the lil story. This LO has just a beautiful combination of PP's and cardstock with some cute lil embellies. And another thing that I would never use in a LO is staples but these look so so cool! Love all the textures that are in this LO.
These LO's are both so beautiful that I may have to send all the photos that I want done in LO's to Skye to do. I Love your style Darlin! Can't wait to see you published more and more in the mags. Luv Shaz


  1. Beautiful work what you and the girls have done with Kirrily's photos.....and I'm hearing you about the lack of scrap time after work...glad to hear you are enjoying it....

  2. The pages Skye did are amazing she is so talented.....Your mojo will return just as mine did....I also think of you and your family lots
    Luv Lexie oxo

  3. Sharon, those layouts are just beautiful. Skye has done a wonderful job with them.
    I agree with you, I lost my mojo and had no energy or time after I started work. but you will get it back, just start with a sketch and you will see how ideas and creativity flow.
    Thanks for you prayers and lovely warm comments in my blog.

  4. Im such a Fan of Skyes beautiful work too. Love it all. It helps to have such beautiful pics to work with. Just gorge!!!

  5. Aww thanks mate! I am glad you like them!

    I am going to try and get them sent this week too!!!!


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