Monday, 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas to one and all, Wishing you much happiness during this festive season.

Good Morning to everyone, Hope that you are all prepared for Christmas Day.
I wish each and everyone of you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's hoping that you get all the presents that you deserve and that you have fun playing with them. Please stay safe if you are travelling in the car on our busy highways over the festive season.

I was trying to take photos of everything and some clown couldn't help himself!
Luv ya Baz but get out of my photo!!

Well my house is finally starting to look like it should around Christmas time,
we have added all the Christmas trimmings and finished decorating the tree!
We had trouble finding another tree big enough to fit all of our Christmas decorations on! You see I have this tradition that every year I buy the kids a new decoration to hang on the tree. Now that the tree is up I should really go and finish the present shopping, luckily we have got some presents under the tree! Have been so slack this year! I think it is the fact that Jeff and Kirrily are no longer worried about Christmas, and that we are not going to be with any family or friends at this festive time of year. I think that we will head to Bowen for the day sitting by the beach, eating Christmas fare and enjoying eachothers company.

Here are a couple more photos of us putting up our new decorations for the tree Well I best say goodbye for another couple of days, here hoping you have a wonderful day when the man in the red suit arrives at your house. Hopefully one day soon I will find my scrapping mojo and I will return to adding LO's to this blog instead of all these photos.
Hope your are enjoying the visit to my blog, and hopefully you will return really soon. Please don't forget to leave a comment by clicking on the comments button at the end of this post, you don't have to be a blogger member just leave your name in the comment so I know who loves my blog LOL! Merry Christmas to one and all, Wishing you much during Happiness during this Festive Season and throughout the New Year. Love to all, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Love your new ornament tradition..your home is so festive looking..TFS
    PS. You have been bestowed a new Blog Award...check out my blog..

  2. Ha Ha. Funny Baz :-) O' they do love a photo opportunity dont they???

    O' Shaz. Im so sorry. Im so behind with my blogging at the moment. Im going camping in a day so Im madly try to shove my way around cyber world tying up all me loose ends. :-) Thank you kindly for my award. Do you know how freaking long it took me to figure out how to display it on my blog......Major hissy fits as it was not working. :-) I will send this message to your blog too just in case it gets missed. MWA for now XOX

  3. HEy Shaz!

    wishing Yourself, Barry, Kirrily and Jeff a fabulous festive break and may 2009 bring you happines, good health and prosperity:)

    Mwah & Hugs Angie

    Love the deco's sweet and we have to catch up before christmas day if not on it.LOLOLOL benn like ships in the night passing all the time.

  4. oh i love your decorations! so festive and merry! wish our house was as lovely decorated as yours!!!

    glad to see you are ready to relax over the holidays. enjoy christmas with your loved ones.

    lastly, i have awarded you a blog award, so come check out the details on my blog

    merry christmas! xxe

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family Shaz... love your decs... have a wonderful and safe break with your family..... will be thinking of you on Christmas have been a wonderful friend to me...
    Thank you Dear Friend
    luv Lexie oxo

  6. Hi I have left an award on my blog for you

  7. Hi Shaz, Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I have left you a NEW little Something Sweet on my Blog!

    Love Shell xo


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