Friday, 19 December 2008

Your Blog Is Fabulous Award

Good Morning to all my friends and fellow bloggers. I want to Thank these 2 Beautiful Friends of mine who have bestowed "Your Blog Is Fabulous Award"
upon me. Please visit Angie's blog - SCRAP.N.ART JOURNEY

Please visit Lexie's blog - STUFF AND THINGS

As recipient of this Award I want to pass on 10 Blog Awards to the following blogs that I regularly visit....I may not always comment but I am always inspired by their blogs, please use my blog list to visit these Fabulous blogs

Heather-Lee Floyd
Chiquita James
Skye Johnson
Gayatri Murali
Tanyah Payne
Chris Wormald
Vicki Bailey
Ali Wood
Tracey Hunter
Nat Williams

10 Addictions that I can't live without. This was hard as I have so many addictions.

My Husband - Barry, I love you so much!
My Children - Jeff & Kirrily, You are my life!
My Friends - You know who you are, all very special people in my life!
Chocolate - Anything except Nestles choc!
Photography - Nature shots are probably my favorite to photograph, if only I could capture those beautiful butterflies that fly around my yard all day.
Bowen River in Flood - Local river around Collinsville, great photography favourite of mine
Scrapbooking - Just wish my mojo would return
Bloghopping - Love so many blogs out their in the cyberworld.
Chatting - via Phone, MSN and Facebook (how tragic am I?)
Travelling - to new destinations within Qld.
Chickens - I have a huge collection of Chickens in all shapes and sizes (not the feathered variety though)

Thanks once again Lexie & Angie Love your blogs so much. Hope you enjoy blog hopping to visit all of these wonderful ladies that I have awarded Fabulous Blog award to. Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Ohhh Shaz, what a lovely honour...thankyou so much..not sure what I'm to do now I save the pic and load it to my blog?? I visit your blog lots and love it..Wishing you and yours a great Holiday Season..
    s4j.....wouldn't let me login..

  2. Hi Shaz just stopping by to wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful Chrissy will catch up real soon lot of luv Lexie oxo

  3. Thank you Hun for your award. Im glad I can inspire you in some way. MWA xox

  4. Thanks Shaz. So honored.
    BTW. You an been awarded too. Check out my blog Shaz.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Shaz. Love your blog and your Christmas photos are just gorgeous! Merry Christmas and I hope you and your family have a very safe and happy New Year!


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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