Thursday, 19 February 2009

Latest LO's and Cards

Hello once again, OMG 3 posts in one day!! And I have even been to volunteer at the Kindy today! Oh I so love going there! And the girls love it when I come to help them out! There was only10 kids and 2 staff and 2 volunteers! Easy Peasy!

I want to share with you my latest scrapbooking efforts over the past week or so!
The first one I want to share with you is a LO that I started ages ago, but couldn't decide on a title. I used it for my class on Tues night...Doing a boy's page with flowers on it! Deb would be so proud of me for adding flowers to a boys LO!
The second one I want to share with you, is a photo that I got Jeff to take of me and Baz on Valentine's evening...I just felt like doing a Valentine's LO!
Very happy with this LO! Simple & Sweet. I actually submitted this LO to a Dutch blog, wijDUS for an entry in their monthly challenge...
You had to use the word "TIME" and now they have a sketch challenge up as well to do before the end of the month.
And I have done some cards as well...I only have photos of 2 of them though!
I have so many LO's on the go at the moment from various forums and blogs I visit. I really need to do one at a time....instead of having 10 on the go because I get so overwhelmed! And I haven't completed any challenges for Deb's Creations & the new RSS in so long....Still trying to finish Angie's Feb Sketch Challenge!

And I have become active at another forum Scrapchat
Tanyah asked me to join over there before they closed their forum at 200 members. And I have been doing some photo swaps over there. Still have one to do for Sandyb of her kids playing with some blocks. Hope you are starting to feel a whole lot better too Tanyah. Will try and ring you over the weekend to see how you are going with your recovery! Did you get my lil bday surprise and your get well card that I made you? I hope so!!!

So I better stop typing and get my bum on the seat in the dining room and finish some of these LO's. Thanks for all the inspiration, around everyone's blogs and forums. I just wished I didn't get so tired so early in the night so that I could sit up and scrap most of the night!! Good bye for now, chat to you again very soon! Luv Shaz xoxo

PS Keep those comments coming...I love each and everyone of them!!


  1. Just posted over on chris's site...lovely the bubba page...beauitful....
    have a great

  2. wow you are on a roll lol 3 post :).. The LO's look awesome. I adore the cards you have created they are gorgeous. So happy you have joined scrapchat :) xxx

  3. Awesome work Shaz. Love that valentine's one

  4. lovely artwork!! and thank you so much for the sweet award for our blog! *waving from HOlland*

  5. Thanks for the comments on my blog Shaz. The answer to your question is SEI Jolie

  6. Wow Shaz, you have been busy Good job on the cards and LO's. Love the baby page you've done

  7. Hi Shaz, your layouts are you have been busy!!! I love the 40th birthday card that you made, absolutely stunning. Keep up the wonderful work! Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  8. Hey girl.. you've been busy again!! Love love love all of your new creations.. especially the one for the Wijdus blog!!!! That one really rocks with the XOXO doodling all around the patterned paper!!!!! Wishing you a great friday! XOXO

  9. Hi Shaz. Checking out your blog.
    You have some lovely LO's and cards. Very Clever.
    Thanks for your comments over on my blog. I disstressed the LO's using a Heidi Swapp Disstressing tool, a nail file and then inking the edges. Easy as.

  10. love those beautiful LO's girlfriend!!

  11. Love all your LOs!!! Gorgeous shazz

  12. Wow you have been busy love your LO'sI know what you mean about getting all the challenges done.....wish there was an extra week this month....oxo

  13. your work is so beautiful shaz, i enjoy seeing what you come up with

    take care
    lots of hugs
    luv tanXx


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