Thursday, 12 February 2009

What a could anyone deliberately start this??

OMG I have been so overcome with the tragedy that has unfolded in Victoria since Sat night, and the constant vision on the TV during has made me cry many tears. My heart goes out to each and everyone of these families who have not only lost a roof over their heads and everything except the clothes on their backs. The have lost entire townships and residents of these towns.

It saddens me to think that almost all of these blazes have been deliberately lit!!! What a senseless act! I can't believe that these people get a thrill out of seeing so much total devastation. If the residents get a hold of this person or people who lit these fires throughout Vic, they will wish that they were dead!
Because now they are going to go to jail for the rest of their life for murder!!!
All because the sight of a fire excites them! Well they will be fearing for their lives at the moment I would be thinking!!

I feel so helpless here in Qld! I have made a donation to the bushfire appeal and would like to encourage anyone who visits my blog to make a small donation to help with the rebuilding of these people's lives and livelihoods!
I would so love to be a GOD of rain and send the residents of Vic and those who are also burning in NSW some of the rain that we have been getting here since the beginning of the year .

Donations can be made to the Red Cross through this website Red Cross
or by phoning the Red Cross hotline 1800 811 700. You can also send your donations to Red Cross PO Box 2957 MELBOURNE VIC 8060
You can also visit your local branch of your bank in your town and they will be able to direct your deposit to the various organisations.

Lastly I want to Thank all of the residents of Australia who are supporting the needs of these Victorian families. The CFA and the firefighters from throughout Aust who volunteer and sometime with the probably of leaving their own home to burn to the ground, so they can protect this great land of ours. Thank you!
To the SES and all the volunteers who are helping families who have lost everything...with the feeding, clothing and necessary items to help these families through this tough time! And the Australian Armed Forces that are in these communities putting up tents and providing support.
I am so glad to be an Australian, we all pull together and help our fellow Aussies through tough times . I am thinking of you all and wishing you all the best with the rebuilding of your devastated lives. I just wished that there was something I could do from here in Qld! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. It is just horrible isint it.. I just watched a clip of a boy filming the fire from his house and all the neighbours houses going down around them. It is so sad. I have no idea how someone could start it I think its beyond anyone at the moment.

  2. my prayers goes to all those families who were affected by the fire and the people of ausie for this emotional turmoil

  3. Words just can't express what people are feeling over this..Please donate everyone!

  4. We are keeping you all in our prayers here in SA aswell...shocked to hear the fires were started deliberately!! Stay strong!

  5. We are on fire and you are in floods if only we could pic up Australia and tip your water down here it would solve both our problems. It is so sad that all of these people in both fire and flood are hurting so badly.


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