Sunday, 15 February 2009

More flooding, fog and a shy lil visitor in my backyard

Hello everyone...I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday! We don't do the whole presents and stuff but we did spend the day together, checking out all the floodwater's around our town. Yes it was still raining yesterday! But this morning I have woken to a foggy view of the outside due to all the moisture on the ground. And now at 10.12 we have sunshine and I am hanging the washing on the clothes line......YAY!!
We also had a very shy lil visitor in our backyard....I caught it on the hop so to speak! So the photo is a lil blurry! But it is still cute!
Now for the flooding photos some before and after photos again. I can't tell you exactly how much rain we have received so far this year....but it feels like we have had rain almost everyday of the year so far! Everything is so wet, and it is looking so lush! With this much rain, the grass grows so quickly and this fire season will be a very dangerous one! Lets hope we get winter rains and then we won't have to worry about the fire dangers.

We are off to the river very soon to see what is happening out there again today...our local tourist spot LOL! So I may have an update on the state of the river when I return.

I have also started doing a Valentine's Day LO of Baz & I so I must get around to finishing it today! I'm off to phone Angie now to see how she is recovering from her surgery. Have a great rest of the weekend Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Im happy that everything is turning back okay now. YAHoo!!!

  2. We in Scotland are glad to see that you have not been effected by the horrible bush fires.

    Some good g3 creative work.

  3. Thankyou so kindly for my Birthday wishes :) Love the photo's you took and a good one of the kangaroo. I hope you dont get too flooded xxx

  4. Hi Shaz, can't wait to see you valentine layout...hugs!

  5. We would gladly take some of that excess water down here. If only we could suck it up in big trucks.

  6. Yeah I second that, if only we could send a whole heap of "Elvis" helicopters to suck it up and dump it on our bush fires.

    Trust me we could use it just as much as you could do with out it. Maybe if you all just blow really hard you could send the clouds down here!
    Wishful thinking.

  7. Hey...i don't have you on my are amazing

  8. left you a blog award on my blog. Congrats

  9. very cool pics - love the hoppity jumping through the yard - thats what P calls them!!


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