Monday, 30 March 2009

Cracked Brick Walls and Door Frames

Well it is morning and I did not sleep too well on the floor in the lounge room! But ahhhh I think I had better get used to that!! Before heading to bed last night I surveyed the damage a bit closer!!! I think they will have to re-do our whole brick work around our bedroom!!! Here are some close-ups of the damage!!!

The first photo is from behind the cupboard that was up against the corner of the house that the ute crashed into!!! No sorry no photos of the Ute in my house as I had the digi's with me! Might try to get some off the police!
Close up of Cracked Brick Wall
Cornice on the wall that copped the brunt of the Ute's force!
Brick Wall and Door Frame
Another view of the damage to the Brick Wall and Door Frame
OMG I think I am still in shock!!! You read/see this stuff happening in the cities but you don't normally see it your own back yard!!! I am so glad that nobody was hurt or killed! I am actually kind of glad that I was still driving home in the car because I was a bloody mess when I finally arrived at the home after the car had been taken away! I am so glad the ute hit where it did hit the house!! It took out the last brick support for the verandah and crashed right into the corner of the house!! The accessors will be here today, the real estate people didn't even come and see if we are ok!!! Bloody slack!! Will let you all know how we get on!!! Baz was due to go back to work today but he has extended his leave to help out in case we have to move out!! Hope we don't have to move that will be such a big job!!! I don't want to move to another house in Collinsville!! How GAY!! would that be!!! I will keep you all posted Thanks for the well wishes!! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. LOL!!! I love that you think it would be gay to move to another house in Collinsville! Moving would be a nightmare for you guys, you have soooo much stuff in that house. Those photos are pretty shocking. I agree about the Real Estate agents. They really are slack!

  2. *hugs* hun.. How awful that the real estate didn't even check you were ok :(. Sorry you had to come home to that :( Hope it all gets fixed up soon xx

  3. oh dear!Glad to hear that you are all safe.What a bad ending.I hope everything wud be fine soon.And Take care hun!

  4. Oh no leas t you are safe...we had a truck crash into our old house..but not at speed...lucky, coz it did alot of damage...we had a new wall put up...

  5. What a mess. I'd say you will definitely have a rebuilding job happening there. I hope your landlords are well-insured. Is it raining up there???

    Yeah, some real estate agents are not very caring of their tenants. I wonder if your landlord even knows this has happened to you and the house??

    Take care, you and your family both.

  6. lol you sound like me wen you say how gay! LOL love it. realestates can b such slackers, i hope it all gets sorted hun.:) xox

  7. Oh Dear shaz, I just read about the ute. Im glad you lived to tell the tale. How scary. I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon hun. xox Chic


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