Sunday, 29 March 2009

Great Weekend....Shock ending!!!

Hello one and all....Just thought I would show you some photos from my weekend!! We had a really shocking ending!!!

Had an unreal Weekend, was so great to spend Fri, Sat in Rockhampton with Treena and her niece! Shopping, Shopping and more shopping, Hog Breath for dinner Fri night, More shopping on Sat! Then down to the Yeppoon & Emu Park, the Chinese Rest for dinner last night!! We drove home today....and got a shock of our life when we got a phone call from Jeff....A Drunk driver had crashed his Nissan Navara Ute into a power pole and then straight into the corner of our bedroom. Our bedroom is structually unsound!!! I feel sorry for the owner of this house! There is damage to our Wardrobe, Sewing Cabinet, Mac computer!!!! A smashed Decorative Bowl and Teddy damage!! Not many of our personal effects were damaged, could have been so much worse!!! Barry could have been night shift and sleeping, but luckily he was on holidays! He was just in the room 10 mins prior to this happening!! Here are some photos from outside, Sorry you can't see much of the damage from these photos but we had prying eyes from the townsfolk!! It will make the paper on Wed no doubt!!!

This was our Bedroom beforeThis is our Bedroom now
Looks like Baz & I will be sleeping in the lounge room until our bedroom is fixed!!! Well I am off now talk to you all again soon Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Great you had a great weekend, but what a bummer of a thing to come home to!! But like you said, it could have been a lot worse..lucky yas weren't in there!!

  2. OMG!! Thankgod you guys were not home, that is all I can say, must be the month for Drink driver's plowing into house's Shaz. My Aunty had the same thing happen a week ago!!! Glad you had a nice time away though:) Speak to you soon. Hugs and Mwah Angie

  3. OMG.. Thats insane.. and what a horrible thing to come home to :( SO thankful that no one got hurt. I hope your house is repaired soon hun xxx

  4. oh noo!!! thats a terrible end to your otherwise fab weekend, but as you said, lucky no-one (and not much) was harmed in all of it!

    hope it all gets fixed up soon enough! xxe

  5. OMG!!!! Thank God nobody got hurt from your family. God is good that when it happened nobody was there. That must have been scary.

    I just hope you and your family are emotionally alright now. Tak care always Shaz

    Luv yah

  6. OMG!! Shaz glad no-one was hurt
    Happy that you had a lovely weekend away
    Hope you don't have to sleep in the lounge for too long
    Posted your stamps last week so you should have them very soon
    Take care dear friend oxo

  7. OMG! Soooo glad you guys weren't in the bedroom at the time. I've just told Mum about it and she asked if it was the room Keeley would be sleeping in if she was staying over. I told her you used to have her in there, but not since your aircon stopped working. To think I was worried about Keeley breaking your fragile looking bowl things.

  8. What a horrible thing to happen! It would have been so bad if you had been home or if DH was asleep in the room when it happened. I'm thankful you are alright though it looks like your house has a lot of damage....

  9. oh god, look at the damage, thats crazy, i hope the dude gets whats coming to him, just very thankful no one is hurt. xoxo

  10. Oh no...... I feel so sorry for you guys! But I'm so glad no one was in the room, it could have been so much worse... I sure hope everything will turn out ok for you!!

  11. We didn't have a car hit our house, but we did have a drunk driver completely side-swipe our car parked in front of our house. My hubby and I were woke up at 5am one morning by 2 police officers at our front door. We open the door, and they ask us if we were aware that our car had been hit. I guess a drunk driver was swerving on our street, hit our car, and then drove up into our neighbors yard. He also had his 2 kids in the car. Luckily, no one was hurt, but I am sure the kids were scared. I am glad that everyone is okay at your home as well!

  12. oh my gosh shaz!
    So glad no one was hurt mate! What a terrible terrible thing to have happen!

    That's stuff you only ever hear about on the news, happening to 'other people'!

    So happy you're ok!



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