Monday, 2 March 2009

The Gift Of Love

Hello everyone...I hope this finds you all in good spirits and enjoying your Monday! I have had a great day today...full of surprises, chatting and laughter!

My morning started as normal, 5.30am rise, straight to the toilet,bathroom and then fill the kettle and flick the switch! Then out to turn on the computer, sign in and then back to the kitchen to make a coffee- the first of many!!! Then back to the computer to check my emails and set about blog hopping!!! This morning was a lil different though, Nobody loved me initially!!! No emails, Ohh how sad is my life! Then I started blog hopping like I normally do in the mornings, then a couple of emails started coming in. Alyssa had left me a comment, so I went over to her blog and checked out what she had been up to and then I started chatting with Alyssa on MSN!! Before I knew it was 8am! Then Tracey left me a comment and so that was how my day started!

I got a lil surprise from Tracey this morning when she commented, she said she had left something for me on her blog! So over I jumped to her blog to find this beautiful "Gift Of Love" award. Thanks Tracey....It is so cute! So now I am going to pass it onto between 4 & 8 blogs that I feel deserve the "Gift Of Love"
The lucky girls are....Please spread the LOVE!!!
1. Kylie Law - 5 Outlaws
2. Lisa K - Our Little Slice Of Paradise
3. Lexie - Stuff and Things
4. Nancy - Scrap This
5. Tanyah - Diary of a scrapholic

Around midday I got a phone call from Kylie wanting me to help her with her blog!!! So I had to be rude and tell her that I would have to call her back, I was cooking my family lunch!!! On the menu today was Prawn cutlets, Squid rings and Chips and salad! Yes it was very yummy!!! So after Kirrily went back to work, I rang Kylie back!!! OMG what a scream that Chic is....can't wait to meet her in Rocky at the Deb's Creations Retreat in August!!!
So we chatted about so many subjects it wasn't funny! We were supposed to be working on setting up her blog!!! Well she has been trying for the past 2 days to set it up and all the time getting this error code all the time!!! She somehow had created about 8 blogs and didn't know what to do next!!! Well we deleted all of them and started again....Right from scratch!!! I even started my new blog that I have been thinking of for a while regards to my photography!!!
Will tell you more about that when I get it up and running! Got to get Nat to design my Blog Header, if she has time!

So "5 Outlaws" was created....and then the fun began!!! Kylie and I laughed and laughed and talked and talked and laughed some more! In between all of this laughter and chatting we got a blog that Kylie was happy with!
Then it was time for Kylie to pick up the kids from the bus stop! So we said our goodbyes and I came back here to do a post! Kylie reckons she is very blonde but she isn't as blonde as she leads us to believe!!! She picked it up really easily!!! She has even posted already again this afternoon! Clever lil Chic!! Glad you are having fun, hopefully I will have created a blogging monster!!!

Oh well best be off now, got another offer of a coffee with my friend Kerry!! Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. LOL Shaz, its so easy to lose time isn't it...i jumped on to quickly check new posts in my three forums I try to be active in and I'm still here bog hopping hours later, its just so interesting reading and checkin out LO's. Only made my own blog just over a week ago,and my god, I have another addiction!!! Love it but!! Catch Ya Pauly

  2. So Shazzy - now you know KYlie and I and now you know why I love the girl - she is a gorgeous girl with a great big heart!! Just like you!!

  3. Hey Shaz,
    The pretty side bits are from There are hundreds to choose from, and easy as easy, just click on the one you like and it will tell you the rest. LOL, if I can do it, anyone can!!

  4. This is so sweet shaz! Really made you smile eh? :)

  5. hi shaz, been ages since i was over on your blog, was a very good read thats for sure. hope you are well.
    belynda xo


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