Sunday, 1 March 2009

Winners are Grinners

It's the 1st of March, first day of Autumn! This year is just flying along way too fast for my likings!!! I really wish that I had an extra couple of hours in the day to get things done around here!!! I will stop whinging now! I have some exciting news to tell you all!!!

Winners are Grinners here at the moment....Without any further delay I want to thank you all for those 85 comments that appeared on my blog for Feb! So now I want to announce that the lovely Chris W has won this month's RAK! Congrats to you Chris!!! Autumn toned ABC's/123's!!!.

Hope you like your lil surprise that is heading your way tomorrow! Here is a lil sneak peak!!!
Chris W if you like you can add this to your blog, Congrats again!

And I have some wonderful news to share with you all too! I too have won something over at Angie's blog!!! My 'Cool Dude' LO won Scrap.N.Art Choice Award for Feb's sketch! Check out my blinkie...Thank you so much Ang xoxo
AND I am being showcased over at Deb's Creations for the month of March.
This site has so many wonderful challenges you really should go check them out!!! I am going to endeavour to get some of their challenges done this month.

I have been tagged by Gayatri (G3) to go to my 6th folder and find my 6th photo but as I have already done this before I am going to give this challenge a lil twist! I have decided to use the first letter of Gayatri's name to find a folder that starts with G and I will find the 7th photo as this is the corresponding number of the alphabet for G. ????confused yeh me too??? Will explain it when I pick the names to do this challenge!

Well the folder is titled Golf....and the 7th photo is a funny one...Jeff used to play golf all the time! They were always holding Charity fundraisers, this is a photo from that day. All the boys decided that because it was for Breast Cancer that they would dress up as ladies and have a bit of fun with it!!! Well of course they won the best dressed prize! Jeff is the one with the blonde hair and red top and mini skirt on!!! LOL Ahh this is a great one for his 21st! I think he even wore a bra and stockings.
Now I am going to pick 5 of my followers for this challenge. So here goes...
You have to find a folder starting with the first letter of my name Sharon -
"S" can be any of your folders and you have to find the 19th photo as this corresponding
number of the alphabet for "S". Do you get it now???
Please follow this process for whoever you challenge.
These ladies can you please take up this challenge??? This should be fun!
1. Alyssa
2. Kath
3. Cindy
4. Treesa
5. Kirsten

I will say goodbye for now but don't forget to leave me a comment, as the RAK for March is a complete kit either for a boy or a girl. This kit includes rub-ons, lettering, 6 sheets of pattern paper and die cut tags! Have a great rest of the weekend and will catch you somewhere around cyber space! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. congrats on all your winnings! thanks for your comments and the challenge! I love your photo from the! xx

  2. Whoohoo How lucky am I..Thankyou thankyou prize looks awesome...OH I love that pic of Jess and frinds at golf..Hmm wonder if he told you off for that one...Thankyou Darl..your blog is fantastic!

  3. well done and thanks for the challenge. i wonder what i have. love your photos too, very silly.

  4. well done chris in winning the rak, love yoru pics shaz
    take care
    luv tanXx

  5. hehe great twist hun. You are on fire with scrapping at the moment and you are doing so well. I am loving all your latest creations :) xx

  6. Congrats to Chris. Wahoo! your pics Sharon.
    I have left a little something for you on my blog!

  7. Thanks Heaps for all your help with my blog help...

    Luv Kyles

  8. Thanks for the challenge Sharon will have to go and look what pic comes up.


  9. Love having you all come and visit my blog! Thank you Luv Shaz xoxo


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