Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thank you Chris!!

Firstly I wanted to share that we have received this beautiful award from my lovely friend ChrisW.
Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:

~ inspires you
~ makes you smile and laugh ~ or maybe gives amazing information ~ a great read ~ has an amazing design
~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

The rules of this award are:

* Click the badge and get the code then put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.
* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing and let them know.
* Share the love and link to this this post and to the person you received your award from.

*And so the people I am awarding this too are-

Lisa K
because she is a beautiful person whom is very special to me. Also for her amazing Shabby Chic and Vintage LO's and all those yummies ribbons and stuff for sale on her blog. Enjoy!

Lady Grace and I found each other through our blogs...And I am so grateful for her online friendship and support and she is always designing the most Uber Amazing LO's. You are so Talented. Enjoy!

I have only recently found your blog as well, but I am always inspired to go back and look at what you have been up to!!! Your scrapbooking designs are always refreshing and so so Beautiful! Especially the all white one Wedding Day for Angie's Sketch!! And I take my hat off to you for having 6 children!
Super Mum!!

Belynda I am inspired to visit your blog because of the Beautiful CJ Entry - Favourite Childhood Stories Retold book that you are making for your child and the new bubby that is on it way!! We are only just beginning our friendship but I can feel like it is going to be special friendship! Thanks for the chit chats!!

Alyssa Wow what a Beautiful person you are! We are forming a friendship via our blogs, Msn and email. I love the latest LO's that you are producing and I am so so happy for you and your fiance and your lil man with the purchase of your first home!!!

Well girls please enjoy this lil bit of love that I am sharing with you today and know that each and everyone of you are Uber Amazing Chic's with Uber Amazing Blogs!!

Off to Townsville today will be back late tonight, Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. WOW!!!! Thank you so much Shazz. You know I love you, right? Thank you for everything and thank you for always being there as I journey to this hobby.

  2. aww thankyou sweetheart!! How special are you :) You are right for sure, our friendship is just blossoming and it will be a very special one to cherish. luv belynda xoxo

  3. AWWWWW Thankyou so much Shaz.. You are a very beautiful person to me.. I love chatting with you and you are always so thoughtful. I will always be here for you hun xxx
    ♥ Lys

  4. Congrats dear for this award! you so deserve it coz you create los with uber passion with it!

  5. You're welcome Dar..I think you are uber amazing!


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