Friday, 3 April 2009

Photos of Ute in my house!!!

Hello again, Yes more photos of the house...but this time I have ones with the Ute which plunged into my house!!! Sorry about the quality!!! Due to the scanning! Photos of the power pole and how far away the other house is....where the power pole once stood!!!


  1. OMG!!! Sharon, did it do a huge damage to your house? Thats aweful. Glad nobody is hurt. Take care.

  2. You know Im so glad that nobody in your home was injured. Houses can be rebuilt but people can't be replaced................... Thank God that you were all safe! I am away for a week, lots happening on my blog sure to join in the fun!!

  3. Oh Lord! Shaz, Im just so glad you and Baz and the kids were not home. The house is only a material possession hun and something you can fix, but a life you cannot, so glad you are all safe and well.

    Hope to catch you over the weekend sweet. Take care of yourselves now.

    Love Angiexoxox

  4. Hey Sharon - you should check my blog - there is a message for you

    Lisa K

  5. Hey Shaz!!! Lucky no one was hurt but it sucks SOOOOO bad that its gonna take ages to fix :( hopefully it will be all good by the time you go home from the expo :D


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