Saturday, 4 April 2009

I've been invited to join the Congo line, let's take it around the world!

My Friend Lisa invited me to add this cool image and people can click along the conga line on each blog to take a fun filled scrapping journey!

Basically when you receive an invitation to join you add the image as a sidebar picture widget and then link the image to the one person who's blog you want to be next in line.

Rules: - You can only join the line if you are invited - You can only pass it on to one person - Lets make the longest conga line in the world!! (wouldn't it be cool if it went all over the world and back??) - Make sure you follow through until the person you invite has added it to their blog otherwise the chain will be broken and it won't work - If you receive an invitation and don't want to be in the line then kindly let the person know who sent it to you so they can invite someone else. We are really excited to see where this will end up!

My invite goes to Tessah - Her Saccharine Scraps

And I want to Thank you Lisa....just the pick up that I needed!!!


  1. oh you lil sweet angel,you really know how to make me laugh!Im so sorry I am not blog hopping since! Thanks so much my dear! Il update my blog tomorrow with this widget.So excited!Clever Lisa and kind you to include me on the line.Take care sweety.Hope you are having a nice weekend!Hugs.

  2. That is so cool shazz!!! And great choice! Congratulations Tessah

  3. I'm sorry I don't have a blog when I hear about this sort of thing :(

    Will be good to have a look at lots of blogs that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

  4. YAY Congrats Shaz :) your so lucky that Lisa chose you xx


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