Monday, 6 April 2009

No scrapping for ages now!!! My mojo has gone on holidays!

Good Morning all my beautiful friends....Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was nice and relaxing so different to the end of last weekend! But my DD was about to ring the cops about 7pm last night when she had rung everyone of my friends to find me....I didn't leave her a note, like I normally do!!!
We went to the river and came home later than we normally do and she was worried sick!!! She loves her Mummy and Daddy!! We got some AMAZING photos of the river will share them with you on my photo blog later today!

I just wanted to share this with you all, my scrapping room is starting to look more and more like a shop!!! I have been struggling with all of my stuff being disorganised!! I am usually such a neat and tidy person but my scrap room is a bit of a disaster at the moment!!! No wonder I haven't scrapped anything in ages. It because I can't find anything that is why my mojo has gone on holidays!

What a Mess!!!
My Scrapping Wall full of goodies, it is starting to look more and more like a shop, only bad thing about it is now Baz can see all of my stuff!!! Not that he least I am preserving our family heritage!!!
I am going to the PO office today to post off some goodies to some very lucky and special people who visit my blog and leave me comments! If you leave me a comment you go into the draw for the RAK of the month...This month is some cute lil stamps!!! And to those girls who I do have your bday's and addy's you will also get some thing a lil bit special!

Have a great day....I am going to really try to scrap today!!! Hopefully I will get something done and be able to share with you! Thanks for visiting...I really appreciate your comments and all your well wishes Luv Shaz xoxo

I was so happy after lunch yesterday! My beautiful friend Rach made contact with me! I haven't seen her since she came and scrapped the day away with me here way back in middle of Feb! She just up and left without saying goodbye to me, I am so glad that she is ok and that her and Aaron and Izzy are all safe. Beautiful photo of you guys...So happy that you are happy Darlin!!!
She apologised to me for not saying goodbye....She had to leave immediately as Aaron got a job and it was immediate start! That is ok Rach I am so happy to hear from you....I was worried sick about where you were!!! You are a beautiful friend to me and I was so happy that I got to see you when you were living in the Ville...just wished I had of taken photos of us together!!!


  1. omg your scrap room is so TIDY!!!
    i love the look of all your goodies on the wall :P

  2. ooh I wish I could hang stuff on my walls! If I see that pesky Mojo of yours I will be sure to send him on home for some scrapping......LOL.
    Thanks for

  3. Just droping by on my way down the conga. Great idea to hang your stuff up, but I don't know I would want my DH to see it ALL.

  4. Did you say you had a mess in your scrap studio???? WHERE??? Wanna see mess come visit with me!!! If I see mojo will send him back with foot up the backside for you to deal with!!! :)

  5. Sorry Shaz I think your mojo may have paid me a visit.....I've sent him home...and your scraproom looks so organized my scrapping stuff is all over the place in fact its a b***** mess......oxo

  6. Love your scrap room what a great idea to hand stuff on the wall.


  7. hmmm... is this thing broken or am i too blonde for my own good this evening? I thought i left a message but it has not popped up.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely note you left for me on my blog.
    Thanks for stopping by and giving me the opportunity to check your blog out... by the way....

    What mess!? Your room looks spick and span!


  8. Oh wow sharon I think your scrap space is so organised..I wouldn't even show you mine..Its everywhere..Oh isn't Kirrily a sweetheart..I think that is just precious..the girl you want around if anything did happen..Have been wondering about her Job??Lovely you caught up with Rachel too..thinking of you always Darl,take care love chris

  9. LOL I love that everyone is flabbergasted that you think your scrapping room is a mess! They didn't see it before you started organising it the other day!! I've told you before that I love the way you have it now with all the shop hanger things on the walls. We're lucky our husbands are tolerant of our craft and don't mind too much that we spend all of their money :)

    Glad you heard from Rachael too. Also, you know that Kirrily had me worried about you and Baz too since I called first thing the next morning to check you were home. Don't do that to us again!! :P

  10. hey hun,your scrap room looks awesome nice and tidy. You should come clean mine, a massive bomb hit it, paper everywhere in bits on floor.Hope all is well hun, and your house is soon on the mend. xoxo

  11. hi dear!i envy your scraproom!wow and i cant find anything messy!lol! I love the drooling items hangin on the wall.Nice to hear about that friendship story. You are such a sweet friend!Take care.

  12. Have a wonderful easter beautiful lady!

  13. Hey Beautiful, Your so sweet mentioning me in your blog AND posting a photo of my family. I will have to email u some pics sometime today. we didn't get any pics when i was in C'ville :( will have to make up 4 it when u come down in sept.
    So Sorry to hear about ur home!! lucky baz was on holidays and no one was hurt! I LOVE UR scrap space!!!! i'll have to show u mine, YAY!!! after 6 months!!
    cya xox

  14. Shaz you are SO organised!
    Oh my gosh! What a great idea to make a wall like that!

    I was so glad to hear Rach was well too! I had been so worried about her!

    Hope you're having a great easter mate!


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