Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter....please stay safe

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Easter Holidays.
I hope the holiday is so great that it makes your feel like dancing.
May the chocolate be as plentiful as the blessings,
and may the hugs be many

For those of you travelling away please be careful! And those that are staying home have fun with your family and friends. I am pretty sure that we are staying home!!

Yesterday was a good day....the clean up has began! So now instead of seeing all that mess, I now see this!!!
And I also finally got some scrapping done...I was very happy with end result!! Thanks Lisa for your guidance!!! This is what happens when you have to be quite as a mouse in the big old house when Bazza is sleeping in the lounge room!
This is my entry for Treesa's Mojo Challenge on Scraptastic South West Blog Challenges I look so much like my mother....

Oh well it is 1.21 am so I suppose I should see if I can go back to sleep now! Neither of the kids are home in their beds and hubby is at work, so it is kinda lonely! And sleeping in the lounge room feels so weird! Please stay safe over the Easter Holidays. Luv And Best Wishes from Shaz xoxo


  1. love the LO and the family have a relaxing Easter break

  2. Gorgeous LO Shazz, have a great Easter too!!

  3. Hey Shaz, Love your LO about ur mum. i like the heading. Hope u have a great easter with your family. aaron is working 2day and 2morrow but should have sun and mon off so we're gonna have a special day on sunday. i have alot of fun planned, isn't that a mothers job?! ;) i love it. Happy Easter xox

  4. Your easter message is great. I hope your easter is especially good. Mine will be spent working, no break for us.
    Your Mum Lo is gorgeous. So soft looking.
    Looks like your Mojo is no longer MIA.

  5. Happy easter sweets, hope you get spoilt rotten with many yum yums :) stay safe and well much luv xoxoxo

  6. I love your final product for Treesas challenge - it came up lovely !!!!

  7. I sure was saying all those nice things about you.....thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a beautiful friend....oxo

  8. dear love this page!well done on the vintage aspect!you are so creative.Take care hun!

  9. That is amazing Shazz, I really think its wonderful. TFS with me, really its awesome!!
    Love Kathie

  10. lovely page...mum pages are so heartfelt aren't they...look at your house...umahh!!!take care and thanks for the love over at my

  11. Yay!!! Glad the cleanup started last weekend. We had a lovely Easter up north. I really like how your page for your mum turned out too. I see you didn't end up putting all her siblings' names like you had originally planned. I like the ring around the number 2 though.


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