Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Today is my DH"s 44th Birthday....And another long post!

Good Morning one and all....Firstly I want to Thank all of my Beautiful Online friends for visiting me from day to day...for without you I surely wouldn't be blogging!!! I love reading each and everyone of your comments and they really make my day...Some days they are the only emails I get, so it is so nice to see a email in my inbox from all of you!!! Awww How Sad For Me!!!

I love visiting your blogs too!! They are all so informative and inspirational!!! Thank you for sharing with me!!

Today is my Darlin Hubby Baz's 44th Birthday! I felt so sorry for him having to go to work this morning in the pouring rain and having to play in the mud all day!! We haven't exchanged presents yet as he left so early, but tonight I will cook him his favourite food Lamb Roast. I brought him a surround sound speaker system for that huge plasma tv that his twin brother brought him last year!!! We should probably also ring his twin John and wish him a Happy 44th Birthday too!

Barry & John

Now onto to catching up from the Easter Weekend and photos of lovely surprises in the mail from Lexie & Alyssa! We had a lovely day on Easter Sunday starting with few emails and then some phone calls to wish a great day. Then it was onto handing out the Easter Eggs! Kirrily was heading out the door to go to Bowen to see a movie so I handed her a white Lindt egg and took a photo then she rushed off. Jeff came home in time for me to hand him his Choc Bunny and take a happy snap as we were rushing out the door to go on our Mystery Drive!!!

Now our Mystery Drive....was no mystery to me, but Baz had no idea where we were going until I turned off at this place that we have always wondered what was up that road! All the sign says is Mt Dangar with an arrow, nothing else telling us how far it was to Mt Dangar!
This is what we presume Mt Dangar to be as we still didn't get to Mt Dangar after driving about an hour on a dirt road! We stopped once we got to this sign that said Nature Reserve...Do Not Trespass!!! So we were a lil disappointed that we had to turn around, but we figured we were somewhere near the back side of the Peter Faust Dam at Proserpine! However all was not lost we saw some beautiful scenery and did find some wonderful places to photograph though, The Don River and abondoned homestead and a horse and some lovely dead trees!
I will share these with you later all on my photo blog!

So now it was like 2pm and we still hadn't had our picnic lunch so we drove back to the Bowen-CVille Rd and headed into Bowen for the rest of the day! We had a picnic lunch overlooking the beach and some Asian men enjoying a spot of fishing! The weather was miserable and raining but the company was great! After lunch we went walking on the beach and taking photos of anything that took my fancy!!! Got some great photos here, got some S#*! photos of me and Baz together! And we got rained out so we then went to find a dry place to spend the rest of the afternoon. Saw Kirrily & Luke in Bowen! It was so busy with many people at Horseshoe Bay so we decided to go to where we spent Christmas Day! Not a soul in site so it was so lovely to just enjoy the rest of the day relaxing reading the paper and a scrapbooking mag and taking some more photos! This time it was on Black Cockatoos, Seagulls, The Beach and footprints in the sand! All of these photos will be on my photo blog as well!

Hope everyone had a great Easter with their families and friends! Then on Easter Mon Baz & went to the river for a drive apparently the river had a good run in it so of course I had to check it out! Then we went bush walking through the dense vegetation on the top side of the river. Was a lil bit scared initially, as this is serious croc country in there!!! But was very disappointed as we never saw a single thing....Well the scariest thing was the spider webs! Took a few photos but it was very dark in there!

Then yesterday back in the car to take it to Proserpine (1 & 1/2 hrs drive) for a service! Another wet and miserable day...So I didn't take a single photo!!!
Saw Tammy & Deb who used to own the Proserpine Scrapbooking Shop at their 2 day workshop for the kids! Looking very pregnant Tam, hope you get a good report from the DR today! Maybe you might have to think about putting your feet up for a good rest until the baby gets here! And girls we really must get together and do some scrapping and card making at the beach house! Can we plan on it anytime between now and the end of May??? Please???

Here are my lovely surprises in the mail!!! I got these from Lexie the other week but just havent gotten around to posting it on here and then yesterday
from Alyssa I got a very wet parcel out of my garden, Bloody useless postie who put it in my mail box!!! It fell through, lucky I saw it in the garden when I collected the other mail!!! Will have to have a go at them!

This is what Lexie sent me....I love this Alpha stamps that she used on her cupcake LO and some beautiful pink laces and ribbons and some felt hearts and flowers! Thanks again Lexie! Hey Lex I finally sent your parcel yesterday!!!

This is what Alyssa sent me....All Embossed scraps from her Cuttlebug!!! A very cute pearl swirly thing and a very cute lil Easter card with choc egg! Ohh Thank you, Thanks so very much!!! I love the wishing well thread at Scrapchat!!!
I sent off a wish to Alz & Michelle(Mum03) yesterday!
Well that's about all from me today....I am going to do some scrapping today!!! Might have to use some of this lovely surprise from Alyssa
I should be cleaning my house but it will still be there to clean tomorrow! Wednesdays are my scrapping day with my GF!
Bye for now, Hope I didn't bore you too much! Have a great day Luv Shaz


  1. I will have some more on the way as soon as I unpack everything hun. I am more then happy to send you embossed paper it takes no time at all :) xx

  2. Awwww, don't John and Barry look cute!!! Sounds like you were very busy over the holiday and you had a lot of rain down here too. The kits look like a lot of fun, so hopefully you'll be scrapping lots in the next couple of weeks.

  3. nice photo of mt danger! and love all your goodies lucky girl xxx


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