Friday, 29 May 2009

Awww... Brianna Celeste Ninnes is so perfect!

Good Morning again girls, I have some photos of the beautiful and perfect Brianna to share with you all!!! Check Leish's blog for more photos.

Yesterday was the day that Alicia was booked in to have a C-Section as lil miss Brianna was breach! So I knew that I would be getting a text sometime yesterday a couple of false alarms....not the baby text!
Then around 9.10 am the phone went off! I came running into the lounge where the phone was charging, Baz was trying to beat me too it!!! Ha ha I got to it first!!! Here is what it said

Brianna Celeste was born at 8.09 this morning. Don't know how heavy though.

Although I was initially saddened that Brianna wasn't a boy as towards the end of Leish's pregnancy I thought she was having a boy!!! Especially after taking the baby belly photos! Alicia had always thought that it was going to be another lil girl....A sister for Keeley!!! But I think Craig thought that they were having a boy! I was elated that both Alicia & Brianna were both ok and that I would be seeing them today!!!

I had to go to Bowen to pick Jeff up off the I decided that an extra half and hour trip up the road to Proserpine was called for so that I could see everyone! So Jeff actually got off the bus in Proserpine and waited for us to come and pick him up!!! We were later than we had expected as we had business to attend to in Bowen...but he just waited in the park opposite the bus drop off point!

I went and brought a baby girl card and some flowers for Leish as she didn't get any flowers when Keeley was born so I wanted her to have flowers this time!!!
I just brought a bunch of Native Flowers from Woolies as Pros doesn't have much to choose from and I got Craig's favourite flower apparently-Protea's.

Brianna Celeste Ninnes was born by C-Section at 8.09am on the 28th day of May weighing 3800gm 8lb 6 oz and measuring 53.5cm long at the Proserpine Hospital

Well I suppose you are all dying to see the beautiful Brianna. So here she is....

I missed her 3 times giving Brianna a kiss as she was too quick for me but this one is near enough....She had plenty of kisses to go around
And here am I with the lil perfect darlin Brianna and then with Keeley!!! She is so soon as she seen me she was like arms outstretched reaching for me!
And then she just kept giving me kisses and everyone in the room kisses!!! I am so grateful that I am a friend of this family...They are a wonderful family and now I just can't wait to spoil Brianna as much as I spoil Keeley!!!
I am so clucky!!! So glad Baz has had the big snip snip!!! But I hope it is a long while yet before I have to worry about grandchildren!!! In the meantime I will love and adore these pair of lil darlings!!!
Ok that is it for today...Isn't she just so perfect!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. What a cutie! Congratulations Alicia!!! Hugs


  2. How absolutely perfect is she, no wrinkles, no red blotchy new baby skin, aww just want to have a cuddle. Bet you just wanted to take her and her beautiful sister home with you.
    I am sure Sheri will be wrapped with her award. Thanks heaps.
    I had better get myself organised and go to work now, chat with you later.

  3. Such a beautiful look so happy with little Bianna in your arms....enjoy spoiling Keeley and Brianna....Congrats to the proud parents.....oxo

  4. Awwwww... She's sooooo cute!!!!!
    Thanks so much for posting Shaz!!
    What an adorable bundle of joy 4 leish and craig to have! Keeley is gorgeous kissing her baby sister. hope mummy is recovering well xox

  5. ohh...bruck bruck bruck...that is me being clucky photos and a truly perfect bubby...yake care

  6. awww isnt she just adorable. Love that photo of you and k and new bubba. oh and keeley is already teh doting sister. Too cute. Thanks for sharing shaz.xoxo

  7. :O
    they are BOTH so CUTE!!!
    gorgeous photos..

  8. Thanks so much for sharing photos of beautiful Brianna with her equally beautiful sister and parents! Lovely to see pics of you too Shaz. Congratulation to everyone on the birth of such a sweet baby girl :)


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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