Sunday, 31 May 2009

What a month....Lots of RAK's and it doesn't end there 50th Follower winner announcement

OMG What a month this blog has had!!! I so enjoyed celebrating my blogs birthday with each and everyone of you who visited and commented and those of you who didn't leave me any comments I hope you come back to visit again.
I really do love and appreciate and read all the comments that are left for me!!! Thank you to the new people who have left me comments for the first time, I hope I visited all of your blogs and I apologise if I didn't...I will endeavor to get over to them really soon.

I have already given away lots of RAK's but it doesn't end there I still have a couple of prizes to give away to end the celebrations of CreativeMe68!!!

1. Blog Post Hunt - Major RAK Drawn 22nd May - Congrats Lexie

2. Mother's Day RAK - Drawn Mother's Day - Congrats Lizzy C

3. Scrap Bingo RAK - Congrats Alicia

4. Birthday RAK - Drawn 23rd May - Congrats Mandy

5. Followers RAK if I get to 45 followers - Randomly Drawn - Congrats Kylie

6. Random Draw Prize - Randomly Drawn - Congrats Lady Grace

7. Lucky Number RAK - Congrats Mandy

8. 50 Followers RAK - Drawn today....Congrats Sandie

Lucky Blog Arrival RAK - Drawn today but announced tomorrow

10. And last but not least $20 Monthly RAK (Acrylic Album, 4 Kaiser Airy Fairy PP's, Bling Word & Flower) Drawn on 1st of June

OMG I have had so many comments this month that I have added a Random.ORG number generator so that it can pick this months RAK of the month!!! Wonder who it will be.....You will definitely have to wait until my return on Monday to see who the lucky person is....Of course you will win this
So keep commenting and you will have a chance to win every month this year, as I have a RAK of the Month to give away for the rest of the year!

And I want to Thank Deb from Deb's Creations for becoming my 50th follower!!!
OMG 50....Have to have a lil something to celebrate this milestone!!! I am going to do another followers draw....see the benefits of becoming a follower your name could be the one that I draw this morning before I leave to go to Proserpine and Airlie Beach. A Lil something will be coming your way too Deb, Mwah & Hugs!!!!
So that is it for me for now I will be back a lil later with the name of the lucky blog follower (I will post their name in this post) The lucky winner is........
Today I am off to see Alicia & Craig's baby again...But also I am visiting Tammie who has also had her 2nd boy Lucas Sebastian on the 29th May. I met Tammie through their scrapbooking shop in Proserpine which she co-owned with her MIL Deb. We formed a great friendship over the couple of years that they had the shop and since it has closed I have helped them with their Market stalls in Proserpine. She is such a lovely person and they have just started their own blog, so once they get it up and running I will add it to my sidebar...
They will have like an online shop where you can purchase Scrapbooking supplies, Kits and Cards for sale!

That's it from me....Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!!! I know I will because I will be out of the Ville and down to Proserpine to take photos of babies and Airlie Beach to sit by the waters edge and enjoy our friends company and sleep at the Beach house tonight!!! And I get my Cuttlebug and Threading water punch!!! YAY!!! See you on the 1st of June my lovelies!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Yay Sharon - what a fabulous month!!! Lots of visitors and lots of comments - thanks for the fun!!!!

  2. WOW 50 followers Shaz! Thats amazing! Hope I won the monthly prize LOL love those pps and we dont have it here in Manila. Hope my comments are sufficient enough LOL


  3. Congratulations on a wonderful Birthday month. You certainly kept us all on edge for most of it, wondering what you would come up with next and who would be the lucky winner of each 'game', well done.
    Lucky you going to cuddle these two precious little bundles, love new babies.
    I expect to see some wonderful pics from your night spent by the sea. Hope you have the most awesome break away. Luv Sue

  4. wow what a month you've had hun, so extremly happy for you and your blog, look forward to the next year with you :D xo

  5. Congratulations on 50 followers and on being such a generous spirit, Shaz! Congratulations to all the winners too.

    Have a wonderful break by the sea :)

  6. congrats everyone who won something and congrats on 50 followers Shaz!! have fun with the bubba's

  7. hey shaz...i have had a ball visiting your blog this have done wonderful posts with so much great news...except the house still not done, which i hear there is movement at the care xxx

  8. Congrats on a fantastic blog, your birthday, your followers, all of it!! Its always fun checking out your blog. Hope you had a fantastic break away!!

  9. Aww wow you are so beautiful.. Congrats to all the lucky girls Shaz is too kind. xx

    I have tagged you over on my blog sweetheart xx

  10. Have enjoyed celebrating your blogs birthday with you it was so much fun.....enjoy your visits with the babies and your trip to the beach house.....looking forward to reading all about it and seeing photos on your return
    Save trip beautiful....oxo

  11. congrats to everyone who's won prizes this month!!! Shaz you are so clucky!!! Have fun taking pics of the new arrivals! Mwah - Em

  12. I am posting this on Sandie's behalf...blogger or her computer is not being very nice to her so she can't leave a comment so has emailed me this message
    Oh Shaz, I am jumping up and down, tears in my eyes.

    I just viewed your blog using another browser- unfortunately its not letting me comment but I saw my name..............................YAY!!!!!! Can you hear me?

    Can you please leave a comment to your blog on my behalf and explain to everyone that I can't comment and my access is not working.

    Thank you so, so much my friend. You have made my day!!!!!!

    Luv ya.


  13. Hi Shaz

    Well, the month of blog birthday excitement is all over :( as long as you keep writing, i will surely follow still!

    btw.....i would love to catch up with you on saturday sometime. it turns out i only have to work sunday, which is pretty good. leave me a msg and we can work things out!

    xx elle

  14. you really have alot of fun on your blog. It's great to see such enthusiasm and spirit in what you do. Until next time take care and can't wait to see what you come up with next

  15. YAy for you hun! What a blast of RAK giving you had!TFS everything and thanks for being a friend.


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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