Friday, 22 May 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Blog, A Big Thank-You to all of you!!! And Happy Birthday Alicia!!!

Good Morning My Blog Hopping Buddies....Yes the day is finally here and I want to celebrate you!!! All of you!!! It's my Blog's Birthday and without 'you' I would not still be here blogging today!!! There have been so many of you who have made my posts so special, you have always been there to leave me a comment and make me feel loved!!! I have made some of the most AMAZING online friends through this wonderful world of cyber space! Some of whom I have met in real life and they are just the most beautiful women! And so many more that I would love to meet in person!!! Thank you all my beautiful friends. I am amazed that this morning I wake to find I have my 48 follower - Thank you Susan!

And I want to thank my blogging friends whose blogs I asked certain questions for my Blog Post Hunt!!! I was pleased to see that 10 of my blog hopping friends answered these questions!!! Please pop over and visit their blogs...I visit their blogs regularly and they always have something interesting to say and show! Become a follower and you can keep up to date with them all!
Lady Grace
Lisa K

Thank you to all of these people for taking the time to visit my friends blogs and find the answers. I will put the answers in the post at the beginning of my Blog. Thank you again, I hope you enjoyed their blogs!

Alicia was the very first entry to be totally correct! Congrats Alicia you won yourself a lil Creative Memories kit! Now I wonder who the winner of this awesome Major RAK for the Blog Post Hunt will be.......MMMMMMMM!!!

Who is the lucky winner............................I will be back a lil later to let you know who the lucky person is!!! Just keep you in suspense a lil bit longer!!!..........

Today when you leave me a comment please write what it is that you like about my blog please and why you keep coming back to my blog....there is a small prize on offer for this post only, I will be picking the one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...So come on girls suck up to me and you might just win! I am out all day today so it will be so nice to come home to all these comments, but I don't think I will get as many as comments as I got for the lucky number post. LOL I love ya Lady Grace!!! I hope you enjoy your stamps and the lucky draw prize. I will announce the winner of the Birthday Blog RAK tomorrow morning!!!

Ohh I almost forgot it is my friend Alicia's birthday today too, Happy Birthday Leish. Wish I could be in Proserpine to celebrate with you today!!! Have a great day today Luv Shaz xoxo

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Happy Birthay Creaive Me 68
    I have loved playing along with all the fun and games you have had to celebrate you blogs birthday....luuuuuve the new look
    It was just over a year ago that we met through the SM gallery who would have thought that a very special friendship would develope out of commenting on each others work
    I truely believe that it was devine intervention that brought us together..... love visiting your blog you always manage to put a smile on my face it is such a happy place and your scrapping work is just beautiful.... you ceate pages with such love and that always shines through
    You have become one of my dearst friends
    One day my beautiful friend we will get to hug each other for is one of my greatest wishes that you and I will get to meet in real life
    Thank you for all the love and support you have given me you will always have a very special place in my heart....oh I'm getting all teary now so be fore I start blubbering like a baby
    luv you to bits my beautiful friend.....hugs (one day for real).....oxo

  2. Happy Bloggy Birthday Sharon!! I am totally lovin the new look by the way .... bit of purple fan myself. I love popping by your blog to read your warm and friendly stories ... it reminds me that even though it seems the world is filled with horrible people that there truly are lovely people out there!

  3. Happy happy Birthday to Creative Me Blog!

    Shaz Blog has always been one of my favorite blogs that I visit regularly not only because of the inspiration I get from here but truly because of the person who created it, my dear friend Shaz.

    Despite the fact that Shaz lives very far away from me, I always feel like Im home here. Reading every single word of her post since I started following her blog made me appreciate how lucky I am to be friends with her. She's a great person, a great mum and an inspirational scrapper. There will never be dull moments reading her posts. its fun, informative and motivational. I think I consider her not only as a friend but my online sister.

    I look forward to more posts from you Shaz. You are a blessing to me and all of us. I love you to death and i know you know that. i support you always. keep safe and keep those posts coming.


  4. Oh I almost forgot! happy Birthday to you Alicia!!!

  5. Just me again Happy Birthday Alicia.....hope all is going well for you....oxo

  6. Happy blogday to you
    Happy blogday to you
    happy blogday dear Sharon
    Happy blodgay to you!!!!

    Have a great BLOGGER of a day babe - where would we be without you keeping us blog busy!!!

    Love ya


  7. Oh...Do love this new the heck do you do it!!!???

    Anyhows...why do I keep coming back to your blog...well...mine is not long and gooey, so I won't win, but its true!!!...the reason why I visit the blogs I do is all the same.....


    Thats why....

    Simple easy...

    You'll have to email me one day when you have time how you make your blog all am hopeless at stuff...thanks again for stopping by my precious miracles blog...I am going to put the next part of my story up tonight....
    Take care

    Happy birthday Blogxxx


  8. Happy birthday to your fabulous blog Shaz!!
    I have been intently following you for the last six months,and although I don't comment as often as I probably would like to, I try to check it out whenever you update. Even if you're only talking about the everyday things, its still fun to read.

    So happy blog-birthday! Am off to do my exam now....and I will have a drink for your blog when I finish

  9. First I like to greet your friend Leish,Happy Bday sweety!!Lovely hair!

    And now lets get to the! Happy Bday Creative Me 68!!!

    I am so happy to found your blog because

    1. Its purple and the banner is so interactive,and it has the 68 on its!

    2.its oozing with craftiness,which I am dying to explore

    3.You have links to many artsy craftsy people out there and they really rock

    4. You have the link on the Focus is in YOU and it really inspire me to learn more about photography

    5. You are so kind and generous with your Followers and readers thats why I have no. 6

    6. You have so many heartfelt comments which means you have real people that really read your post because..thats why i have my no.7

    7.You have the best posts darl!!! You pour the real Shazz and I just admire you for that and couldn't stop continuing till my #8

    8. You are such a good person and a very sincere one!

    9.You are sincere and you have sincere post and what else could we ask for..YOU also give us the warmest layouts that you could ever whipped. LOve how you work on your thoughts and preserve each moments..And I should be giving my no.10

    10. This is the last on my list... Creative Me 68 has a brilliant Family inside and outside the blogging world. Im so happy to be a part of that family outside your blogging world but I am wanting to say that I am so happy to see your ADORABLE Family!!! And you deserve all of this because..Yay! I lied when I said that it would end on #10

    11. I love Creative Me 68 because behind this blog is a GREAT lady and one of the GREATEST MOM I have ever met virtually!!!

    Thank YOU so much hun!!!

  10. YAY the time has finally arrived!!! HAPPY 1st BLOG birthday and many more to come xxx
    I love visiting your blog shaz cause u are one of my closest friends and meeting you in person heaps of times just makes us even closer. i have met your family and they are just lovely! So in saying that, i love visiting your blog to get updates from your world plus seeing all ur awesome work.

  11. Did you have a cake??

    and presents

    or are you all tuckered out after your big first birthday!!

    From all of us bloghoppers - thanks for your sharing and your caring and your humour - I am SO glad I know and cant wait to see you in just a few weeks



  12. i love visiting your blog coz your awsome :D
    the new background looks really awsome btw.
    congrats to all the prize winners and have funn with what you have won :)
    and HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY SHAZ!!!! thanks for all the fun youve caused :)

  13. I visit your blog because you are my beautiful friend!I found you at atime that was both hard for me and you and it was nice that we were just there for each other.I don't want a prize from you dear i have already gained my prize..your friendship!Happy blog birthday and hope to share many more with you!

  14. Morning Shaz!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog again! I hope you had a great day yesterday and celebrated your blog birthday with a bang!

    I would like to congratulate you for celebrating this great event with a blast. We had tons of fun for the past few days.

    Cant wait to play with the stuff you sent me. Thank you so much


  15. Oh btw, me and my family are hoping to migrate in Australia someday or if not, we love to visit Aus so if that happens and we were blessed to be there, I would definitely set up a date with you, okay :)


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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