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Lets Go Blog Hopping Together - Blog Post Hunt Winner Announced --- Congrats to Lexie

The lucky winner is my beautiful friend Lexie....YAY!!! Congrats Lexie, a huge prize pack will be coming your way!!!! Thank you to everyone!!!
Blog Post Hunt - 10 'Questions' & Answers from 2009 Blog Posts
Edited 8.00am May 1 & 3
Edited again May 11 with winners of RAK's posted beside their prize
This post will remain at the top until the 23/05/08

To be in with a chance of winning the Major RAK valued over $80 you have to answer all questions and also tell me the date of the post, when it was published to their blog. You have until midnight on the 21st of May to email me with your answers and all correct entries will go in the draw for this great prize. Winners announced on May 22, 2009 - My Blog's 1st Birthday. Email me at with Subject being "Blog Post Hunt Answers" If you get some of them wrong I will email you to inform you so you have a chance of still entering!
Take your time...I know that is a lot of posts to troll through but I hope you enjoy the reading pleasure of my friends blogs. You have until midnight on 21st of May!

Links to find the answers to the 10 Questions from my Beautiful Blogging Friends and both my blogs. These girls are allowed to enter the Blog Post Hunt as they don't know the questions I am asking! Lets go blog post hopping and hunting!
Hope you enjoy this!!!

Alyssa - Little Bits of Me
Angie - ScrapNArt Journey
Lexie - Stuff and Things
Lisa - Our Lil Slice Of Paradise
Rach - Scrap Princess
Skye - A Very Charmed Life
Tanyah - Scrap and Craft with T
Shaz - CreativeMe68
Shaz - The Focus Is On You

10 'Questions'
1. Shaz - CreativeMe68 Blog - I did a layout called L is for Love Story
'who from Deb's Creations' set this challenge and what was the date of the post?
A. Theresa - Mar 12, 2009

2. Alyssa - What 'insect embellishment' did Alyssa use on the Artist Trading Cards(ATC's) for a swap at The Stamp Shack and what was the date of the post?
A. Dragonfly - Feb 12, 2009

3. Angie - What was the Title of Angie's 'first digital layout' that she shared with us and what was the date of the post?
A. I'm Glad Your My Sibling - Jan 26, 2009

4. Lexie - What was the name of the 'recipe ' that Lexie shared with us(not the name of the post) and what was the date of the post?
A. Beer Batter - Apr 11, 2009

5. Lisa - Lisa says "I have become a bit of _______ junkie" in one of her posts, What kind of a 'Junkie' is Lisa and what was the date of the post?
A. Vintage - Feb 11, 2009

6. Rach - How many 'months pregnant' was Rach in her Getting Closer layout and what was the date of the post?
A. 7-8 Months - I have accepted 2 dates for this post answer Apr 14 & 19, 2009

7. Skye - What was the 'title of Skye's Circle Journal' that she did with some girls from Scrapbooking Memories Forum and what was the date of the post?
A. Lessons From My Mother - Mar 12, 2009

8. Tanyah - What were the '2 presents' that Tanyah receive from all of her friends at Scrapchat while she was in Hospital and what was the date of the post?
A. Flowers, Well Wishes Book & Scrapping supplies - Feb 24, 2009

9. Shaz - The Focus Is On You Blog - What was the 'photo taken of' when I said "Looks like Heaven to me" and what was the date of the post?
A. Sun Rays Behind A Cloud - Mar 17, 2009

10. Shaz - CreativeMe68 Blog - When do I officially celebrate 'one year of blogging' and what was the date of the post? I will accept either of the 2 blog post dates for this answer only as I have written it few times lately.
(Not this blog post date though, as I say it up the top)
A. 22 May 2009 - Apr 22 or 30,2009

I am going to give away 6 RAK's throughout the month of May to celebrate one whole year of blogging for me.....with all prizes being from my Mountainous Pile of Creative Memories Stock !!!

1. Blog Post Hunt - Major RAK Drawn 22nd May - Congrats Lexie

2. Mother's Day RAK - Drawn Mother's Day - Congrats Lizzy C

3. Lucky Blog Arrival RAK - Randomly Drawn

4. Birthday RAK - Drawn 23rd May

5. Followers RAK if I get to 45 followers - Randomly Drawn - Congrats to Kylie Law

6. Random Draw Prize - Randomly Drawn - Congrats Lady Grace

7. And last but not least $20 Monthly RAK (Acrylic Album, 4 Kaiser Airy Fairy PP's, Bling Word & Flower) Drawn on 1st of June

So please pop in and leave me a comment on my posts during the month of May and you will be in the draws. Looking forward to celebrating this whole month!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

Check out the next post as this on will remain at the top until the 23/05/09


  1. Ooooh this is going to be so much fun will put aside some time today so that I can get started blog hopping ....oxo

  2. just sent my answers!!! THis was fun Shaz! I enjoyed it

  3. OMG That was super quick...what are you going to do for the rest of the month LG??? But I think if you want to be in with a chance to win you better go check a couple of your answers! 2 are wrong! Not telling which ones though. Thanks for playing along, Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. OH Good morning from Japan!It started to hunt down the answers!

    P.S.those acrylic kaiser album and others are YUMMY hun!

    Thanks for the generosity and friendship!

  5. This is fabulous - will have to start next week though a I meant to be packing for Noosa

  6. YAY how exciting!! i too will get started on the hunt but i have to finish some cleaning first xx

  7. Yay!! Finished!! Thanks for the awesome fun Sharon and for the welcome disraction from other things that I should be doing! ;-) Have emailed my answers .... just hope they are right!

  8. I have received 2 correct entries so far and 2 that had wrong answers! Thank you all for playing along and I hope you enjoyed reading all the ladies blogs and seeing all their inspirational works of art! Looking forward to way more entries Luv Shaz xoxo

  9. Well Shaz, I've done it for you. I fixed the post so it sticks at the top of the page.............YAY!!!!!!

    Luvin your ideas for the challenges. Well done and I look forward to joining in the fun.

    Luv Sandie

  10. Gorgeous Idea,will have to pop back next week your blog you!!

  11. Is it next week yet?? I'm back!

  12. will get started on this too, when alex asleep, otherwise it'll take me forever LOL.xoxo

  13. What a sterling idea Shaz!!! Love your blog its great to read and I love some of the ideas that you come up with!! Thanks for sharing!
    Love Kathie

  14. Fantastic idea. Don't have time to blog hop too much now,, still finishing off my end of month stuff, But will definately have a go through the month. I think I know a few answers without looking, but will go and check! Been over to your other blog, beautiful photos as usual!! Keep clickin!!

  15. Hey Shaz...thanks for leaving love over on my are giving lots of prizes away...i'll try and answer them...its funny, but reading all the questions most of them ring a bell as i blob hop quite regularly....but finding thats a different story!!! Enjoy your

  16. Hey Shaz

    Thanks so much for leaving a lovely lovely comment on my blog, I'm glad you find it/me inspiring! :)

    I'll try and answer some of these questions, I'll see how I go!

    Thanks Ali

  17. Wow! You have so much going on here!!! What a fun month you have planned!!! xox

  18. Hi Shaz,
    This is the first time I have popped in, your blog is amazing, you tell such wonderful stories.

    The 10 "Questions" and answers is a great idea to celebrate your first blogging year :)


  19. sent my answers!thanks for your generosity shaz. :)

  20. hi shaz!thanks for dropping by my blog. is it ok if i link you up? :)

  21. Getting close baby!!!!

    happy Birthday!!

  22. your blog is absolutely amazing, can't believe its only a year old. I think I have left it too late to enter your comp but good luck to everyone who enters. I will definitely be visiting your blog again soon :)

  23. I have finally gotten around to answering the questions, as per usual I have left it until the last minute. Just took a gently nudge from you to get me onto it. I have enjoyed playing along with you for your birthday.

  24. Wow!!!!!! what a beautiful start to the day....thank you thank you thank you Kirilly for pulling my name out of the box....oh my day has started on a real high just a tad excited!!!! here......have a fab day beautiful peoples......... oxo

  25. Congrats LExie!!!!Yay happy for you hun.You so deserved of pampering!

  26. Yay Lexie!!! Wow Shaz what a month you've had!!!!! And a new look too!!! Looks fantastic darl!!!!

  27. Put up a post on my blog about the page I did yesterday of our friendship

  28. YAY congrats Lexie, you deserve it xxx Shazzy - love the new look ;) xxx


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