Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Just a lil housekeeping....on my blog! And Lots of Baby photos

Hello my beautiful online friends....Today I want to do a lil housekeeping on my blog before I go away for almost a full week!!! Yeh I should be housekeeping my house too, but this is more important! Sorry for the delay girls in posting your prizes but today I am posting away Lexie's (if I can find her address), Mandy,
Deb, Sandie and Talia! I am going to miss you all while I am away in Bris/Gold Coast from tomorrow until Wed next week!!!

Also I need to announce who the Lucky Blog Arrival winner is.....
I felt really bad asking Alicia so soon after she got home. You see she only left hospital in Proserpine yesterday and got home to the Ville about 2pm and I was there about 3pm to ask her to tell me a number between 1 & 306 as this was how many comments were made last month!!! And the number she announced to me and Craig was 264!!!And the lucky winner of this lil prize is Lisa Kamphuis
I am also sorry that I cannot display this month's RAK as I have not purchased it yet! I will get a $20 prize pack while I am away at the Scrapbook Convention!!!
So it will be totally different from anything I can get here in the Ville. I will try to do some posting from Rach's house so that you can continue to leave me
comments and go in the draw for the Mystery Prize pack!!!

I am getting so excited tomorrow night I will be in Brisbane and then the Gold Coast to stay with the Darlin Rach,Aaron and Izzy for 5 days!!! And then on Fri my beautiful friend Lisa has put on a scrapbooking day just for me at her house again!!!
Thank you so much beautiful!!! We are also going to the Scrapbooking Convention at the Convention centre in Bris sometime over the weekend. Our plans are a bit up in the air at the moment.....Lisa has gone and double booked herself!!! I am also very disappointed that I now won't be going to Coff's Harbour to see Angie!!! Boo Hoo....I am so sorry!!! Now I am going to be counting down the days until I meet you at the Scrap Retreat in Rocky for Deb's Creations!

And finally some more photos of the babies....Yeh plural....No Alicia didn't have two, she only had Brianna and then my friend Tammie had a baby boy 2 days after Leish so here are some photos of the lil cuties!!! I am cooking Leish and Craig dinner tonight as it is the last thing that I can do for them for the next week and I am going over today to cluck over the babies....Don't want to miss out on giving Keeley kisses and cuddles either!!! Baz and Craig are going to have a cigar and watch the State of Origin and wet the baby's head tonight!!! Here are lots of photos of the babies!

Lucas Sebastian Moranino born 30th May at 5.15pm 9lb 4 0z These photos were taken with his mummy Tammie in hospital on the 31st May
OMG These photos of Brianna make me so is not funny! So glad I can't have any more babies. Love the photos of Brianna's hands and foot!
Well I am going to go and put the final few things in my suitcase...hope I have everything that I need! Not much scrapping supplies are going...ohhh bugger I might have to buy some more supplies!!!

Will try to post while I am away and tell you how good of a time I having with Rach on my holidays.....Catch you all again on Wed morning next week.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Hi hun! Hope everything is fine in your place.Just dropping by to visit you...Enjoy your trip darl!TC.

  2. Have a fab holiday....enjoy seeing all the girls and find all those fab products and bargains at the scrap convention...oxo
    emailing my addy now

  3. Gorgeous Sharon - the babes I mean!!

    Wahoo and I won a prize - YAY for me - I cant wiat - love surprises!!!!!

    Cant wait to see you soon


  4. will miss safe and give big hugs to the girls from me...oh..just relax...enjoy...wish i was care

  5. Hey Shaz!

    Sorry I missed your email earlier:( That's ok hun, we will still get to meet at Deb's retreat, might have to kidnap you and bring you home with me! hehehe

    Have a wonderful time at the convention and meeting up with the girls. Take care of yourself now and we will chat soon.

    Mwah & Hugs Angie xoxox

  6. OH, Shaz, sorry to hear you are not feeling too well today, hope you still get to Brissy, to much excitement getting to you. Enjoy your time away wont you.
    Hey guess what, the sun was shining when I got out of bed, crossed fingers it will stay all day.

  7. Gorgeous bubs!!! Not quite as gorgeous as mine though!!!! ;) Hope you've had fun meeting up with all the girls - lucky you!!!!!! Hugs Em xox


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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