Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Who I am....I would never intentionally hurt anyone!!!

I want to let you all know about who I am and where my loyalties lie!!! I have made the most awesome friends via this internet medium....Yes we all have had our friendships tested from time to time. I WOULD NEVER INTENTIONALLY HURT ANYONE! I wear my heart on my sleeve and friendships mean the world to me!!! You ask any of my lifelong friends and they will tell you that I would do anything for anyone without any hesitation, I do not like seeing my friends sad and lonely!!! If you are my friend...I will stand by you through thick and thin!!!
Even if you do something to hurt me or my family...I don't hold sometimes we have to agree to disagree. I am a lifelong friend to many...
And I have many friends who know me and trust my judgment!!!

I have just recently been asked to do something that I was not entirely comfortable doing and it has caused all kinds of issues and now a very special and dear friend of mine doesn't want to have anything to do with me!!! I have only ever had the best intentions for my friend. I do hope that one day soon we can resolve this door will always be open and you will be welcomed with open arms and all these issues will be water under the bridge!!!

To those of you who are questioning my friendship please email me and voice your concerns!!! I will be a forever friend....I am not a fickle friend!!! Yeh I may do things that I feel are the right things to do and I am forever sorry for betraying your trust and friendship....But I thought it was the right thing to do!
Family and Friends are too important to throw away....I love you my friend and I am so so sorry!!! I just wished I had never been stalked and contacted too!!!

Luv Shaz xoxo


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  2. I know with all my heart you would never intentionaly hurt anyone.....thanks for being such a beautiful friend to me.....luv ya....oxo

  3. I deleted one comment Shazz as it came up twice
    sometimes blogger does my head in big time

  4. Don't know the circumstances but hope she has it in her heart to forgive you...Chin up. Pauly xx

  5. Why do these things happen when i am offline ..I heard a little something happened to a young dear friend of yours please email honey,as i am in the dark..Love you lots and hope things can be fixed!!

  6. Need a hug, you know where to call!! You know I'm here for you.

  7. Well I would like to say (especially as I am a little excited that I can now comment to your blog) that I am saddened to read this Shaz.

    I have only known you for such a short time but in that time you are what some may call "too" generous.

    I hope that things settle down for you and that something good comes of all of this .

    It's very unsettling for you and I am sending yo the biggest and bestest hug.

    Luv ya maite.............Sandie

  8. You have a good heart - just remember that!!

  9. Oh Shaz I hope you are okay. After reading this post, I have realized that we are quite the same in regards to how we value friendship. I too never hold grudges to anybody. I dont want to have enemies, I dont want to hurt people and I dont talk behind their back. That is why I have very few close friends.

    Just stay strong and always remember, you can always find a friend in me


  10. Shaz,
    Hope everything turns out ok with your friend lovey! It takes someone with a big heart to express themselves like you have on your blog.
    I am sending some good vibes your way. Hope time fixes this.

  11. Hope everything works out there for you Shaz, I for one am sad I didn't get to meet you at the Brissie show. Chin up sweetie and sending you lots of cyber hugs!
    (((HUGS))) xoxo

  12. It was upsetting to read your post and I agree with everyone above, it takes a big heart to express themselves like you have. I hope your friend understands what has happened and you can continue the friendship you had. Thoughts with you

  13. Sorry to hear whats happened, hope everything turns out well for you!

    Talia Lynette

  14. PS I have left something on my blog for you :)


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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