Monday, 7 June 2010

I'm back....Been here, there and everywhere!!! Lots of photos!

To all my loyal followers and dearest friends....I'm back! It has been way too long, I have been here, there and everywhere!!! I have spent some quality time with some of my Beautiful and Treasured Online Friends especially this gorgeous girl Angie and her beautiful children
Then Angie and I Scrapped the night away with these girls Lisa, Belynda, Emma And then I went to the Scrapbooking Retreat with the Scrapchat girls on the Gold Coast. Thank you to Karen for convincing me to come, and a special thank you to Kathy(whom I had only just met) for asking me if I wanted to go to the Kaisercraft outlet after our shopping trip to Spotlight. Mwah Thanks Kathy.I am so Thankful to these girls they have pulled me out of a deep dark hole that I have been hiding in for a couple of months now! And to this lovely bunch of devils who are my rock when times get tough, they gatecrashed the Retreat for the Saints & Sinners night....Was so much fun, to see more photos go to my Facebook page
BUT of course because I am a good girl I went as Saint Butterfly of the free world.
I have finally done some scrapping that I am really happy with, which has been so hard for me lately!!! I am very self critical of my scrapbooking abilities. I had to do this lil number before I went to the Retreat as part of our swap. My friend Kerry here in Collinsville helped me design this humble lil old milk carton into this creation. Tanyah Payne was the lucky girl who got to pick my cartonSome of it has been for DT work that I should have done before May for ScrapNCraft with T, but I hadn't scrapped for so long that I did it in the month of May.....Sorry I am so late with this guest DT LO's Tanyah.At the Scrapchat Retreat I scrapped 2 challenge LO's and 1 6x6 LO for the Retreat Album and finished off a LO that I had sitting for a while here at home. Not much for 3 days efforts. BUT the LO that I dreaded doing the most because of it's challenge requirements....Amanda Moran Thank you for challenging me to not be so perfect!!!We had to use recycled things out of a Kaisercraft bag, so I grabbed a piece of hessian- which I made a lil pocket out of to hold the challenge, some blue mess stuff, pretty paper napkins-which I used Mod Podge on to create some dimension on my LO, I used paint and staples which I hardly ever use. And I had been to the Kaisercraft outlet with Kathy the day before so I decided to use my Kaisercraft bag as the basis of my LO.
Tracey made the lil roses all over my LO and the lil can find them on her blog. I had so much fun creating this LO, and everyone that saw it loved what I had done, especially Cindy from Kaisercraft Outlet at Robina. She asked me if she could display it at her shop for 6 months??? I am like are you serious???
She is like deadly serious, so she went to the store to get me some lettering to complete the LO and she took it off of me right then and there once I had put the lettering on it!
WOO HOO, pretty exciting stuff hey??? Thanks to Amanda and Cindy!! Here it is displayed at the Kaisercraft outlet at Robina, Thanks to Gypsy for taking these picsAnd I have just found out that I won Lexie's Scrapbox challenge from the retreat as well!!! Lisa K picked out the PP's for me to do this LO, Love this photo of these 2 special lil people that I stayed with while I was on the Gold Coast.This is my 6x6 LO for the lucky winner of Retreat Album....Michelle JamiesonI got a lift back to Brisbane with this wonderful lady,Susan we went sightseeing along the way....Stopped and had coffee and cake then went onto to meet Ali and Shirley for lunch at Sizzlers.
And I stayed with Leish and her beautiful family...He lil ones have grown so much since Feb when I saw themMy almost 19yr old DD brought her very first car - Proton S16 the week after I got home from RetreatThis past week I have accepted a position for a 36hr working week at the local Telecentre(internet cafe). I have been volunteering there for the best part of this year...I had my 1st paid days last week!!! It was awesome to see a lil bit extra in the bank account this week!!! Now all I need is for my son to get a job that pays.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading and reading and reading and looking at the endless amount of photos and hopefully you will leave me your heartfelt comments, if I haven't bored you too much!!! They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Its a hard life you have !!!!

  2. Wholly Dooley that was a huge post love love all them photos. So great to see you again, we miss ya. Good on you for getting the job Hun :) that'll definately keep u busy! Xoxo you sound alot happier too :) luv ya

  3. what a busy time you've had! Love that 'milk carton' you created for the retreat....its stunning! Talk to you soon.


  4. Good to see you back Shaz!!!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together Shaz and loved reading your post about your time away with all of us Scrapchat girls and gate-crashers - lol! Enjoy your new job! I'm looking forward to hearing about how it is going!!

  6. Lovely to see you blogging again Shaz, was lovely catching up with you too. Hopefully will see you in a couple of weeks when I am up for the day, now that you are a working girl.

    Hugs Ali XXX

  7. You've been totally busy! Such a shame I couldn't come down and catch up with you. Save some of those pennies you're now earning and come down this way again soon :)

  8. wow, you have been a busy bee! Love all the gorgeous work you've been doing and congrats on your Kaisercraft piece! Glad to see you much brighter! :D

  9. Hey Hun

    Yes it was lovely to have you here! Miss you already:( Hope to catch up again real soon, love that layout of you and the kids, top job;)

    Mwah & Hugs Angie xoxox


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your heartfelt comments. They put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. I really appreciate them, Luv Shaz xoxo


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