Thursday, 2 October 2008

Haircuts & Colours are always good pick me ups

Thank you girls for all your beautiful and heartfelt comments, they make my blogging experience much more enjoyable! I also love each of your blogs for such different reasons.

Well after my not so good day yesterday...Today was excellent in comparison!
I got to spend the whole day with my DD. We went to the hairdressers together, what a great pick me up! Kirrily got a colour and foils(lots of foils) and eyebrow wax & tint and eyelash tint! Cost K an absolute fortune ($160), the lady is a home/mobile hairdresser! And I got my hair cut, eyebrow wax & tint and eyelash tint too, mine was $50! Maybe next week I will get a colour before the ball seen as though I am now going too. I have to pay $70 for K's hair and makeup for the ball on Sat 11th.

I will be so glad when all these expenses are over! I think Baz will be too, he never says anything about what I am spending on K for the ball! I think I would be really scared if I actually calculated how much I spent on K for this year.
I made a rule when the kids started high school here that they would only be going to the ball in Yr 10 and Yr 12! I stuck to that too! You see we have only about 145 students attend the high school so they offer the ball to all students and they have it every year!

Here are some photos of Jeff in Yr 10, He went on a Harley to the ball. He looked scared stiff on the back of the bike! OMG I can't believe how skinny Jeff was way back in 2005!He is with his mate Ethan in one of the photos and the other one with the girl is a girl he has always been sweet on. But I don't think they ever went out together. He is such a good looking young lad, who has the best personality when he is not being a typical pain in the arse teenager!!!
I love you Jeff!

And then I will show you some of Kirrily for Yr 10 too! She had her photos taken at a local property Birralee about 20mins drive from here. We had Daniek living with us at that stage, so we got photos of her amoung the country scene out on the property and at her partner Troy's granddads property here in Collinsville. Kirrily's partner broke up with her 3 days later so I didn't put too many photos of him on here! And the last photo is the only photo we got of Kirrily's hairpiece, because of which side she had it put into her hair. Probably have that trouble again this year!

Can't wait for the 11th! To get photos of Kirrily & Rhys together! They are not boyfriend/Girlfriend so that will make the photos more fun I reckon! No pressure to kiss or really act like they love each other for teenagers. They will have fun at the skatebowl with the skateboard in their finery!

Here are some photos of Daniek, my other daughter(exchange student from The Netherlands) Her parents really loved the country scene behind Daniek & Troy in the photos
Most of these photos were either taken by me or Marissa (Dusty Creations) She is taking Kirrily's photos again this year! Baz, Jeff and Myself are getting photos with Kirrily before the ball too! Any special occasion I always make sure that we all get photos taken together. Hopefully Jeff & I will be on better terms by next Sat.
Sorry Girls another marathon blog from much to say and so many photos to share with you all. Thanks for looking and commenting again.
Luv Shaz


  1. Gorgeous photo's Shaz love the scenery in Danieks photo's. Have fun at the ball we had to get up and dance at Jess's so we had lessons for 3 weeks beforehand, all the girls looked gorgeous. Yes these ball's are a very expensive busines Jess didn't get out of it too bad we spend about $500 all up with the hair, make up dress and accessories. But other girls spend that much just on the dress.
    Hope you have a good time on the night..
    p.s thanks for the little pressie you sent me last month, I pm'd you from debs a couple of times don't know if you got them.

  2. Shaz absolutely gorgeous photos....and I love your new fresh cut ...just perfect for summer....

  3. Hey Shaz

    Great photo's hun and you ladies look gorgeous:)

    Cant wait to see the photo's for Kirrily's ball, she is going to look devine:)

    Hgs Angie

  4. Wow gorgeous photo Sharon. They all look so beautiful and handsome. Kids grow up so fast don't they. Love your haircut too.


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